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The University

Tuition, Charges, and Fees

Undergraduate Admissions and Graduation

Undergraduate Academic Policies

Student Affairs

Financial Aid, Scholarships and Veterans Affairs

Learning Resources

College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Advising Information

Pre-Professional Programs

Bachelor of General Studies Requirements

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Religion Studies

Minor in Religion Studies

Minor in International Studies

Department of Art and Art History

Department of Biology

Department of Chemistry

Department of Communication

Department of Literature and Languages

Department of Mathematics

Department of Political Science and History

Department of Social Sciences

School of Performing Arts

Arts and Sciences Course Descriptions

Anthropology (ANTH)

Art (ART)

ART 1301: Introduction to Art [TCCN: ARTS 1301]

ART 3310: Teaching Arts in the Public Schools

ART 1311: Design I [TCCN: ARTS 1311]

ART 1312: Design II [TCCN: ARTS 1312

ART 1316: Drawing I [TCCN: ARTS 1316]

ART 1399: Directed Studies: Drawing

ART 2303: Art History Survey I [TCCN: ARTS 1302]

ART 2304: Art History Survey II [TCCN: ARTS 1304]

ART 2316: Beginning Painting [TCCN: ARTS 2316]

ART 2326: Beginning Sculpture [TCCN: ARTS 2326]

ART 2333: Beginning Printmaking [TCCN: ARTS 2333]

ART 2341: Beginning Jewelry and Metalsmithing [TCCN: ARTS 2341]

ART 2356: Beginning Digital Photography [TCCN: ARTS 2356]

ART 2379: Beginning Ceramics [TCCN: ARTS 2346]

ART 2380: Beginning Ceramic Sculpture

ART 3300: Composition and Design

ART 3310: Teaching Art in Public Schools

ART 3315: Essential Elements of Art

ART 3320: Intermediate Life Drawing I

ART 3321: Intermediate Life Drawing II

ART 3340: Aesthetics in Visual Learning

ART 3341: Art and Society: Ancient to Medieval

ART 3342: Art and Society: Renaissance to Modern

ART 3343: Jewelry and Metalsmithing

ART 3356: Three Dimensional Design

ART 3359: Intermediate Digital Photography

ART 3366: Intermediate Painting

ART 3369: Collage Theory and Practice

ART 3376: Intaglio/Relief

ART 3377: Lithography

ART 3379: Ceramics

ART 3380: Intermediate Ceramic Sculpture

ART 3384: Intermediate Sculpture

ART 3392: Professional Art Practices

ART 4192: Senior Exhibition

ART 4311: Advanced Painting

ART 4320: Advanced Drawing

ART 4331: Aquamedia

ART 4333: Landscape Painting

ART 4337: Advanced Painting Techniques

ART 4341: Advanced Jewelry and Metalsmithing

ART 4342: Non-Western Art

ART 4343: Greek and Roman Art

ART 4344: Medieval Art

ART 4345: Renaissance Art

ART 4346: Baroque and Rococo Art

ART 4347: Nineteenth-Century Art

ART 4348: Art in America

ART 4349: Twentieth-Century Art

ART 4350: Early Christian and Byzantine Art

ART 4352: Women in Art

ART 4353: Egyptian Art

ART 4354: Greek Art

ART 4355: Etruscan & Roman Art

ART 4356: Advanced Digital Photography

ART 4368-4668: Field Study

ART 4369: Advanced Collage Theory and Practice

ART 4370 & 4371: Undergraduate Internship Program

ART 4373: Advanced Drawing Problems

ART 4376: Advanced Intaglio/Relief

ART 4377: Advanced Lithography

ART 4379: Advanced Sculpture

ART 4380: Advanced Ceramics

ART 4381: Advanced Ceramic Sculpture

ART 4390: Topics in Studio Art

ART 4391: Topics in Art History

ART 4199-4699: Independent Study

Biology (BIOL)

BIOL 1306: General Biology I [TCCN: BIOL 1306]

BIOL 1106: General Biology I Laboratory [TCCN: BIOL 1106]

BIOL 1307: General Biology II [TCCN: BIOL 1307]

BIOL 1107: General Biology II Laboratory [TCCN: BIOL 1107]

BIOL 2301: Anatomy and Physiology I [TCCN: BIOL 2301]

BIOL 2101: Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory [TCCN: BIOL 2101]

BIOL 2302: Anatomy and Physiology II [TCCN: BIOL 2302]

BIOL 2102: Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory [TCCN: BIOL 2102]

BIOL 2320: Introduction to Microbiology [TCCN: BIOL 2320]

BIOL 2120: Introduction to Microbiology Laboratory [TCCN: BIOL 2120]

BIOL 3332: Genetics

BIOL 3133: Genetics Laboratory

BIOL 3334: Cell Biology

BIOL 3134: Cell Biology Laboratory

BIOL 3335: Comparative Vertebrate Biology

BIOL 3135: Comparative Vertebrate Biology Laboratory

BIOL 3336: Ecology

BIOL 3137: Ecology Laboratory

BIOL 3338: Biological Evolution

BIOL 3343: Physiology

BIOL 3144: Physiology Laboratory

BIOL 3345: Plant Morphology

BIOL 3146: Plant Morphology Laboratory

BIOL 3147: Plant Taxonomy

BIOL 3348: Plant Taxonomy Laboratory

BIOL 3360: Research Methods

BIOL 4300: Microbiology

BIOL 4101: Microbiology Laboratory

BIOL 4302: Cell and Molecular Biology

BIOL 4102: Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory

BIOL 4305: Aquatic Biology

BIOL 4105: Aquatic Biology Lab

BIOL 4304: Biogeography

BIOL 4114: Seminar I

BIOL 4115: Seminar II

BIOL 4128: Plant Physiology Laboratory

BIOL 4328: Plant Physiology

BIOL 4330: Herpetology

BIOL 4131: Herpetology Laboratory

BIOL 4331: Entomology

BIOL 4132: Entomology Laboratory

BIOL 4335: Vertebrate Natural History

BIOL 4136: Vertebrate Natural History Laboratory

BIOL 4340: Ornithology

BIOL 4141: Ornithology Laboratory

BIOL 4350: Immunology

BIOL 4661: Field Biology

BIOL 4370: Internship in Biology

BIOL 4195-4395: Special Topics in Biology

BIOL 4199 - 4399: Independent Study

Chemistry (CHEM)

Chinese (CHIN)

Criminal Justice (CRIJ)

Economics (ECON)

English (ENGL)

ENGL 1301: Grammar and Composition I [TCCN: ENGL 1301]

ENGL 1302: Grammar and Composition II [TCCN: ENGL 1302]

ENGL 2310: Literary Appreciation [TCCN: ENGL 2341]

ENGL 2322: English Literature to the 1780’s [TCCN: ENGL 2322]

ENGL 2323: English Literature from the 1780’s to the Present [TCCN: ENGL 2323]

ENGL 2350: American Literature Survey [TCCN: ENGL 2326]

ENGL 2362: World Literature through The Renaissance [TCCN: ENGL 2332]

ENGL 2363: World Literature since The Renaissance [TCCN: ENGL 2333]

ENGL 3301: Advanced Writing

ENGL 3308: Writing Textual Analysis

ENGL 3312: Creative Writing I

ENGL 3314: Creative Writing II

ENGL 3360: Classical Language Skills

ENGL 3375: Modern Grammar

ENGL 3376: Contrastive Linguistics

ENGL 3385: History of the English Language

ENGL 4300: Old and Middle English Literature

ENGL 4301: Masters of Early British Literature

ENGL 4305: Renaissance Poetry and Prose

ENGL 4310: Shakespeare

ENGL 4315: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature

ENGL 4320: The Romantic Period

ENGL 4325: Victorian Literature

ENGL 4330: English Twentieth-Century Literature

ENGL 4335: The English Novel

ENGL 4341: Genre Studies in American Literature

ENGL 4345: American Literature through the Romantic Period

ENGL 4348: American Renaissance

ENGL 4350: American Realism

ENGL 4355: American Twentieth-Century Literature

ENGL 4360: Studies in World Literature

ENGL 4362: Classical Literature in Translation

ENGL 4165-4365: Special Topics in Literary Study

ENGL 4368, 4668: Literary Settings and Influences

ENGL 4376: Introduction to Linguistics

ENGL 4380: The Language of Argument

ENGL 4397: Senior Seminar

ENGL 4687: Practicum in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language

ENGL 4199-4699: Independent Study

French (FREN)

General Studies (BGST)

Geography (GEOG)

Geology (GEOL)

German (GERM)

History (HIST)

HIST 1301: United States History I [TCCN: HIST 1301]

HIST 1302: United States History II [TCCN: HIST 1302]

HIST 2321: World Civilizations I [TCCN: HIST 2321]

HIST 2322: World Civilizations II [TCCN: HIST 2322]

HIST 3300: Historical Methods and Research

HIST 3301: Patterns of World History

HIST 3352: Renaissance Europe

HIST 3353: Reformation Europe

HIST 3354: Medieval Europe

HIST 3356: Seventeenth Century Europe

HIST 3357: Eighteenth Century Europe

HIST 3358: Nineteenth-Century Europe

HIST 3359: Twentieth-Century Europe

HIST 3360: Perspectives on Science and Mathematics

HIST 3382: Mediterranean Civilization

HIST 3383: Tudor and Stuart England

HIST 3395: History of Russia

HIST 4320: History of Texas

HIST 4322: The American South

HIST 4323: 20th Century Presidential Leadership

HIST 4327: Early American Diplomatic History

HIST 4328: Modern American Diplomatic History

HIST 4329: Early American Military History

HIST 4330: Modern American Military History

HIST 4334: Women in US History

HIST 4360: African History I

HIST 4368, 4668: Field Experience in History

HIST 4370: Internship Program

HIST 4371: History of Mexican-Americans

HIST 4372: History of African Americans

HIST 4376: Native American History

HIST 4377: American Borderlands

HIST 4379: The Age of Jackson

HIST 4384: Colonial America

HIST 4385: Revolutionary America

HIST 4386: Civil War and Reconstruction

HIST 4387: Industrial and Progressive America

HIST 4388: America During the World Wars

HIST 4389: America Since 1945

HIST 4391: Colonial Latin America

HIST 4392: Modern Latin America

HIST 4393: Japanese Civilization

HIST 4394: Chinese Civilization

HIST 4395: Modern Middle East

HIST 4397: Topics in History

HIST 4199 - 4699: Independent Study

Honors (HNRS)

Japanese (JAPN)

Latin (LATN)

Mass Communication (MCOM)

Mathematics (MATH)

MATH 0303: Intermediate Algebra

MATH 1314: College Algebra [TCCN: MATH 1314]

MATH 1316: Trigonometry [TCCN: MATH 1316]

MATH 1324: Mathematics for Business and Economics I [TCCN: MATH 1324]

MATH 1325: Mathematics for Business and Economics II [TCCN: MATH 1325]

MATH 1332: Contemporary Mathematics I [TCCN: MATH 1332]

MATH 1333: Contemporary Mathematics II [TCCN: MATH 1333]

MATH 1342: Statistics [TCCN: MATH 1342]

MATH 1343: Statistics II

MATH 1350: Concepts of Modern Mathematics I [TCCN: MATH 1350]

MATH 1351: Concepts of Modern Mathematics II [TCCN: MATH 1351]

MATH 2312: Precalculus

MATH 2330: Discrete Structures

MATH 2413: Calculus I [TCCN: MATH 2413]

MATH 2113: Calculus I Computer Lab

MATH 2414: Calculus II [TCCN: MATH 2414]

MATH 2114: Calculus II Computer Lab

MATH 2325: Functions and Modeling

MATH 3203: Matrix Methods in Science and Engineering

MATH 3305: Ordinary Differential Equations

MATH 3315: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory

MATH 3336: Abstract Algebra I

MATH 3345: Real Analysis I

MATH 3351: Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

MATH 3365: Geometric Systems

MATH 3373: Applied Mathematics I

MATH 3380: Algorithms in Applied Mathematics

MATH 3404: Multivariate Calculus

MATH 3104: Multivariate Calculus Computer Lab

MATH 3425: Foundations of Mathematics

MATH 3452: Advanced Concepts of Mathematics

MATH 4160: Senior Seminar I

MATH 4161: Senior Seminar II

MATH 4336: Abstract Algebra II

MATH 4341: Real Analysis II

MATH 4342: Introduction to Complex Variables

MATH 4350: Theory of Probability

MATH 4351: Applied Statistics

MATH 4373: Applied Mathematics II

MATH 4380: Modeling and Numerical Analysis

MATH 4195-4395: Undergraduate Research

MATH 4199 - 4399: Independent Study

Music (MUSI)

MUSI 1000: Recitals, Concerts and Productions

MUSI 1116: Aural Skills I [TCCN: MUSI 1116]

MUSI 1117: Aural Skills II [TCCN: MUSI 1117]

MUSI 1306: Music Appreciation [TCCN: MUSI 1306]

MUSI 1311: Music Theory I [TCCN: MUSI 1311]

MUSI 1312: Music Theory II [TCCN: MUSI 1312]

MUSI 2116: Aural Skills III [TCCN: MUSI 2116]

MUSI 2117: Aural Skills IV [TCCN: MUSI 2117]

MUSI 2301: Music of the Americas

MUSI 2308: Music Literature [TCCN: MUSI 1307]

MUSI 2311: Music Theory III [TCCN: MUSI 2311]

MUSI 2312: Music Theory IV [TCCN: MUSI 2312]

MUSI 3214: Advanced Conducting and Score Reading

MUSI 3220: Woodwind Methods

MUSI 3221: Brass Methods

MUSI 3222: Percussion Methods

MUSI 3223: String Methods

MUSI 3224: Diction I

MUSI 3225: Diction II

MUSI 3226: Choral Conducting and Score Reading

MUSI 3230: Song Literature

MUSI 3231: Vocal Pedagogy

MUSI 3228: Instrumental Seminar for Vocal Majors

MUSI 3229: Vocal Seminar for Instrumental Majors

MUSI 3240: Marching Band Procedures

MUSI 3311: Conducting

MUSI 3313: Music Theatre

MUSI 3318: Musics of the World

MUSI 3319: Music History I

MUSI 3320: Music History II

MUSI 3321: History of Jazz

MUSI 3325: Teaching Music in the Elementary School

MUSI 3327: Teaching Music in Secondary Schools

MUSI 3330: Topics in Pedagogy and Literature

MUSI 3335: Piano Pedagogy

MUSI 4225: Choral Literature and Methods I

MUSI 4226: Choral Literature and Methods II

MUSI 4326: Instrumental Materials and Band Administration

MUSI 4340: Counterpoint

MUSI 4342: Form and Analysis

MUSI 4343: Topics in Music Theory

MUSI 4345: Arranging for Choral and Instrumental Ensembles

MUSI 4199-4699: Independent Study

Music Ensembles (MUEN)

Music, Applied (MUAP)

Philosophy (PHIL)

Physics (PHYS)

Political Science (POLS)

POLS 2304: Introduction to Political Science

POLS 2305: Introductory American Government [TCCN: GOVT 2305]

POLS 2306: Introductory Texas Politics [TCCN: GOVT 2306]

POLS 2310: Contemporary Political Issues

POLS 2320: The Study of Law

POLS 2199-2699: Independent Study

POLS 3300: United States Constitutional Development

POLS 3310: International Relations

POLS 3315: American Foreign Policy

POLS 3321: Jurisprudence

POLS 3330: American Political Parties

POLS 3335: American Campaign Politics

POLS 3340: Introduction to Public Administration

POLS 3345: Urban and Municipal Government

POLS 3360: Classical Foundations of Western Political Theory

POLS 3361: Western Political Theory from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

POLS 3362: Western Political Theory From the Enlightenment

POLS 3370: Comparative Politics

POLS 3372: The Politics of Russia and the CIS

POLS 3375: European Political Systems

POLS 3380: The Politics of Latin America

POLS 3385: Politics of Eastern Europe

POLS 3390: International Political Economy

POLS 3395: Middle Eastern Politics

POLS 4310: International Conflict

POLS 4315: Model United Nations

POLS 4320: The Judicial System and Process

POLS 4321: American Constitutional Law

POLS 4322: The Law of Civil Liberties

POLS 4325: Politics of Africa

POLS 4330: The American Presidency

POLS 4335: Comparative Health Systems

POLS 4340: Congress and Legislation

POLS 4345: Public Policy Analysis

POLS 4349: Planning for the Urban Future

POLS 4350: International Diplomacy, Law, and Organization

POLS 4353: Contemporary Political Theory

POLS 4355: American Mass Politics

POLS 4360: American Political Thought

POLS 4361: Theories of Nonviolence

POLS 4365: Topics In Political Science

POLS 4370 & 4371: Internship Program

POLS 4380: Policy Making Process

POLS 4390: Beyond Congress and the White House

POLS 4396: Political Research and Methodology

POLS 4685: Archer Program Government Internship

POLS 4199-4699: Independent Study

Religion Studies (RELI)

Sociology (SOCI)

Spanish (SPAN)

Speech Communication (SPCM)

Theatre (THTR)

University-Wide (UNIV)

College of Business and Technology

Business and Technology Course Descriptions

Accounting (ACCT)

Business Law (BLAW)

Finance (FINA)

Human Resource Development (HRD)

Management (MANA)

Marketing (MARK)

Technology (TECH)

TECH 1301: Technology and Society

TECH 1303: Engineering Graphics

TECH 1320: Industrial Materials

TECH 1330: Fundamentals of Electronics

TECH 2311: Mechanical and Fluid Systems

TECH 2323: Introduction to Computer Applications

TECH 2330: Information Technology and Communications

TECH 3303: Introduction to Nanotechnology

TECH 3310: Total Quality Management

TECH 3311: Manufacturing Processes

TECH 3312: Facilities Operations & Maintenance

TECH 3313: Construction Technology

TECH 3315: Visual Communication Technology

TECH 3324: Plant Layout and Facilities Planning

TECH 3333: Polymer Processing

TECH 3341: Public Domain - Texas

TECH 3342: Applications of Photogrammetry

TECH 3343: Advanced Technologies for Surveyors

TECH 3344: Industrial Safety

TECH 3348: Construction Safety

TECH 3350: Risk Management for Safety and Health

TECH 3355: Supply Chain Management

TECH 4173: E-Portfolio

TECH 4301: Supervision

TECH 4302: Multiple Technology Systems

TECH 4303: Fire Safety Systems

TECH 4304: Systems Safety Analysis

TECH 4313: Risk Management of Nanomaterials

TECH 4317: Computer Integrated Manufacturing

TECH 4320: Job Analysis and Design

TECH 4323: Lean Production

TECH 4325: Purchasing in Distribution and Manufacturing

TECH 4327: Electronic Data Communications

TECH 4330: Occupational Safety and Health

TECH 4340: Behavioral Safety Concepts

TECH 4341: Legal Principles in Surveying and Mapping

TECH 4342: Applied Geodesy

TECH 4343: Advanced Manufacturing Processes

TECH 4350: Topics in Industrial Studies

TECH 4356: Ergonomics in the Workplace

TECH 4358: Environmental Regulations

TECH 4370, 4371: Internship in Technology

TECH 4372: Capstone Experience

TECH 4199 - 4699: Independent Study

College of Education and Psychology

Education and Psychology Course Descriptions

Education (EDUC)

Educational Psychology (EPSY)

Elementary Education (ELED)

Field-Based Education (EDFB)

Psychology (PSYC)

Reading Education (READ)

Special Education (EDSP)

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering and Computer Science Course Descriptions

Civil Engineering (CENG)

CENG 2301: Statics [TCCN: ENGR 2301]

CENG 2302: Dynamics [TCCN: ENGR 2302]

CENG 2336: Geomatics

CENG 3306: Mechanics of Materials

CENG 3310: Fluid Mechanics

CENG 3325: Structural Analysis

CENG 3336: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Design

CENG 3341: Public Domain - Texas Disposition of Public Lands of the State of Texas

CENG 3342: Applications of Photogrammetry

CENG 3351: Transportation Engineering Systems

CENG 3361: Applied Engineering Hydrology and Hydraulic Design

CENG 3371: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

CENG 3434: Civil Engineering Materials, Codes, and Specifications

CENG 4115: Senior Design I

CENG 4199-4399: Civil Engineering Independent Study

CENG 4311: Reinforced Concrete Design

CENG 4314: Advanced Structural Analysis

CENG 4315: Senior Design II

CENG 4317: Structural Steel Design

CENG 4318: Design of Timber Structures

CENG 4322: Structural Masonry Design

CENG 4328: Structural Fire Behavior

CENG 4330: Water Resources Planning and Management

CENG 4339: Civil Engineering Construction Management

CENG 4341: Civil Engineers and Leadership, Public Policy, Business Practices, and Asset Management

CENG 4342: Applied Geodesy

CENG 4343: Legal Principles in Surveying and Mapping

CENG 4350: Topics in Civil Engineering

CENG 4351: Traffic Engineering: Operations and Control

CENG 4354: Urban Transportation Planning

CENG 4355: Transportation Systems Management and Operations

CENG 4370: Undergraduate Internship

CENG 4371: Environmental Engineering Design

CENG 4381: Foundation Design

CENG 4395: Undergraduate Research

CENG 4412: Reinforced Concrete and Steel Design

Computer Science (COSC)

COSC 1301: Computers in Society [TCCN: COSC 1301]

COSC 1307: Introduction to Information Systems Software [TCCN: BCIS 1305]

COSC 1308: Introduction to Visual BASIC

COSC 1310: Advanced Information Systems Software

COSC 1436: Programming Fundamentals

COSC 1437: The Object-Oriented Paradigm

COSC 2315: Computer Organization

COSC 2325: Foundations of Computer Information Systems

COSC 2336: Data Structures and Algorithms [ TCCN: COSC 2336]

COSC 3191, 3192, 3193: Computer Science Co-Op I, II, III

COSC 3215: Social and Professional Issues in Computing

COSC 3310: Internet and Web Applications

COSC 3325: Algorithm Design and Analysis

COSC 3331: E-Commerce Programming

COSC 3355: Operating Systems

COSC 3365: Programming with Data, File and Object Structures

COSC 3375: Analysis and Logical Design

COSC 3385: Database Design

COSC 3445: Computer Architecture

COSC 4309: Design of Modern Information Systems

COSC 4315: Information and Knowledge Management

COSC 4325: Data Communications and Computer Networks

COSC 4327: UNIX Shell Programming

COSC 4335: Artificial Intelligence

COSC 4336: Software Development

COSC 4340: Comparative Study of Programming Languages

COSC 4345: Computer Graphics

COSC 4352: Data Mining

COSC 4356: Computer Vision

COSC 4360: Net-Centric Computing

COSC 4361: Computer Security Management

COSC 4362: Computer Security

COSC 4370: Undergraduate Internship Program

COSC 4375: Information Systems Design Project

COSC 4377: Compiler Techniques

COSC 4381: Seminar in Computer Science

COSC 4385: Database Management Concepts

COSC 4387: Computer Performance Evaluation

COSC 4199 - 4399: Independent Study

COSC 4395: Capstone Project

Construction Management (CMGT)

Electrical Engineering (EENG)

Engineering (ENGR)

Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)

Mechanical Engineering (MENG)

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Nursing and Health Sciences Course Descriptions

Allied Health Science (ALHS)

Health and Exercise Core Courses (HECC)

Kinesiology (KINE)

Nursing (NURS)

Physical Education (PYED)

Graduate Policies and Programs

Graduate College of Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences Graduate Course Descriptions

Anthropology (ANTH)

Art (ART)

Biology (BIOL)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Communication (COMM)

Criminal Justice (CRIJ)

Economics (ECON)

English (ENGL)

Executive Health Care Administration (EHCA)

Geography (GEOG)

History (HIST)

Mathematics (MATH)

Music--Applied (MUAP)

Music (MUSI)

Music Education (MUED)

Music Ensembles (MUEN)

Philosophy (PHIL)

Political Science (POLS)

Public Administration (PADM)

Sociology (SOCI)

Spanish (SPAN)

Theatre (THTR)

Graduate College of Business and Technology

Business and Technology Graduate Course Descriptions

Accounting (ACCT)

Finance (FINA)

Business Law (BLAW)

Human Resource Development (HRD)

HRD 5307: Measurement and Evaluation in Human Resource Development/Technology Education

HRD 5313: Management of Instructional Environment

HRD 5322: Concepts of E-Learning

HRD 5326: Planning and Development of Human Resource Development

HRD 5327: Instructional Delivery

HRD 5328: Human Resource Development Topics

HRD 5331: Workforce Development

HRD 5332: Instructional Design and Assessment

HRD 5333: Human Relations

HRD 5336: Adult Learning

HRD 5342: Trends in Training

HRD 5343: Foundations of Human Resource Development

HRD 5344: Conflict Resolution

HRD 5347: Performance Consulting

HRD 5350: Leadership and Ethics in Human Resource Development

HRD 5352: Organization Development

HRD 5370, 5371: Internship in Human Resource Development

HRD 5384: Change Diversity and Conflict Resolution

HRD 6310: Advanced Theoretical Foundations of Human Resource Development

HRD 6311: Seminar in Organizational Change

HRD 6312: Seminar in Contemporary Issues in the Human Resource Development Literature

HRD 6314: Application of Management and Technology in Human Resource Development

HRD 6330: Seminar in Organizational Performance and Behavior

HRD 6350: Disciplined Inquiry in Human Resource Development

HRD 6352: Advanced Quantitative Research in Human Resource Development

HRD 6353: Advanced Qualitative Research in Human Resource Development

HRD 6355: Advanced Statistics in Research

HRD 6359: Research Seminar in Human Resource Development

HRD 6391: Advanced Seminar in Human Resource Development

HRD 6195-6995: Dissertation

Management (MANA)

Marketing (MARK)

Technology (TECH)

Graduate College of Education and Psychology

Education and Psychology Graduate Course Descriptions

Bilingual Education (EDBE)

Counseling (COUN)

Early Childhood Education (EDEC)

Education (EDUC)

Educational Internship (EDIN)

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (EDLR)

Gifted and Talented Education (EDGT)

Psychology (PSYC)

Reading Education (READ)

Special Education (EDSP)

Graduate College of Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Course Descriptions

Civil Engineering (CENG)

CENG 5109: Civil Engineering Seminar

CENG 5312: Advanced Concrete Design

CENG 5313: Prestressed Concrete Design

CENG 5314: Advanced Structural Analysis

CENG 5316: Advanced Steel Design

CENG 5318: Design Timber Structures

CENG 5322: Structural Masonry Design

CENG 5324: Advanced Mechanics of Materials

CENG 5326 Structural Dynamics and Seismic Design

CENG 5328: Structural Fire Behavior

CENG 5330: Water Resources Planning and Management

CENG 5333: Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Modeling

CENG 5334: Storm Water Pollution Control

CENG 5336: Construction Project Delivery Systems

CENG 5337: GPS and GIS Applications in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

CENG 5338: Advanced Construction Project Management

CENG 5342: Analysis of Urban Water Systems

CENG 5344: Water Engineering for International Development

CENG 5347: Irrigation Water Control and Management

CENG 5352: Transportation Planning

CENG 5353: Operations Research and Advanced Mathematics

CENG 5354: Urban Transportation Planning

CENG 5355: Transportation Systems Management and Operations

CENG 5357: Public Transportation Engineering

CENG 5361: Traffic Flow Theory

CENG 5363: Transportation Network Analysis

CENG 5365: Dynamic Transportation Network Modeling

CENG 5370: Environmental Pollution Sources and Control

CENG 5371: Graduate Internship

CENG 5373: Environmental Management

CENG 5376: Indoor Environmental Quality

CENG 5381: Foundation Design

CENG 5382: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

CENG 5383: Soil Improvement and Stabilization

CENG 5387: Air Pollution Control Design

CENG 5393: Advanced Design Project

CENG 5395: Thesis

CENG 5396: Thesis

CENG 5150, 5250, 5350: Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering

CENG 5199, 5299, 5399: Independent Study

Computer Science (COSC)

Electrical Engineering (EENG)

Mechanical Engineering (MENG)

Graduate College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Nursing and Health Sciences Graduate Course Descriptions

Allied Health Science (ALHS)

Clinical Exercise Physiology Program (CEPH)

Health and Exercise Core Courses (HECC)

Kinesiology (KINE)

Nursing (NURS)

NURS 5111: The Advanced Practice Role

NURS 5222: Diagnostic Methods and Procedures for Advanced Practice

NURS 5308: Contemporary Healthcare Ethics

NURS 5309: Congregational Nursing

NURS 5318: Women’s Health Issues

NURS 5312: Nursing Theory

NURS 5313: Emergency Nursing

NURS 5314: Nursing Care of the Perioperative Client

NURS 5317: Graduate Statistics for Health Providers

NURS 5320: Research Design

NURS 5323: Holistic Health: The Art and Science of Caring and Healing

NURS 5324: Health Care Informatics

NURS 5327: Nursing Education Curriculum Development

NURS 5328: Evaluation in Nursing Education

NURS 5329: Nurse Educator Role Strategies and Practicum

NURS 5331: Leadership in the Healthcare Environment

NURS 5333: Art of Precepting

NURS 5334: Professional Scholarship

NURS 5335: Legal, Regulatory, and Financial Management

NURS 5336: Pediatric Environmental Health

NURS 5337: Nursing Administration: Delivery of Care

NURS 5338: Family Theory for Nurses

NURS 5340: Advanced Perinatal Clinical Practice

NURS 5141-5641: Special Topics in Nursing

NURS 5342: Advanced Maternal Infant Clinical Practice

NURS 5344: Advanced Neonatal Clinical Practice

NURS 5345: The Older Adult: Dimensions of Care

NURS 5346: Advanced Medical-Surgical Clinical Practice

NURS 5348: Advanced Critical Care Clinical Practice

NURS 5350: Advanced Pathophysiology

NURS 5352: Advanced Health Assessment

NURS 5354: Advanced Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics

NURS 5356: Health Promotion in Individuals and Communities

NURS 5358: Online Learning Practicum

NURS 5364: Family Nurse Practitioner Primary Care I

NURS 5366: Family Nurse Practitioner Primary Care II

NURS 5372: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Primary Care I

NURS 5374: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Primary Care II

NURS 5376: Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Primary Care I

NURS 5378: Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Primary Care II

NURS 5380: Professional Seminar

NURS 5395: Thesis

NURS 5442: Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Adult Care I

NURS 5542: Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Adult Care II

NURS 5660: Family Nursing Practitioner Practicum

NURS 5662: Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Practicum

NURS 5664: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Practicum

NURS 5666: Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Practicum

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Physical Education (PYED)

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