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Texas Common Course Numbering (TCCN) - Transfer Credit

The Texas Common Course Numbering (TCCN) system is a uniform set of four-character abbreviations for academic disciplines and four-digit course numbers. Listed below are TCCN course designations and their UT Tyler transfer credit evaluations. In the TCCN and UT Tyler's four-digit course numbering system, the first digit denotes the level of the course (1=freshman; 2=sophomore); the second digit denotes the semester hour credit value of a course; the last two digits are unique numbers for the specific course. For example, ENGL 1301 is a freshman level course for 3 credits.

In some cases a course at a community college transfers as two UT Tyler courses, for example COSC 1436= COSC 1336/1136.

Community colleges offer many more transferable courses than are indicated below. This list includes only TCCN courses which consistently transfer with the same UT Tyler evaluation, wherever they are taken. Evaluations for courses not listed here can be found on the Texas Common Numbering System website.

Also, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board maintains a similar site that allows you to view the Core Curriculum Requirements at any public university or junior college in Texas and to compare Core Curriculum Requirements across any two institutions.

TCCNS Courses Offered University of Texas at Tyler


ACCT 2301  Principles of Accounting I-Financial ACCT 2301  Princ of Financial Acct
ACCT 2302  Principles of Accounting II-Managerial ACCT 2302  Princ of Managerial Acct
ANTH 2346  General Anthropology ANTH 2346  Intro to Anthro
ARTS 1301  Art Appreciation ART 1301  Intro to Art
ARTS 1303  Art History I ART 1303  Art History Survey I
ARTS 1304  Art History II ART 1304  Art History Survey II
ARTS 1311  Design I (2-Dimensional) ART 1311  Design I
ARTS 1312  Design II (3-Dimensional) ART 1312  Design II
ARTS 1316  Drawing I ART 1316  Drawing I
ARTS 2316  Painting I ART 2316  Beginning Painting
ARTS 2326  Sculpture I ART 2326  Beginning Sculpture
ARTS 2333  Printmaking I ART 2333  Beginning Printmaking
ARTS 2341  Art Metals I ART 2341  Beg Jewelry & Metalsmithing
ARTS 2346  Ceramics I ART 2379  Beginning Ceramics
ARTS 2356  Photography I (Fine Arts emphasis) ART 2356  Beginning Photography
BCIS 1305  Bus. Computer Applications COSC 1307  Intro Information Systems Software
BCIS 2331  Adv. Programming BASIC COSC 2308  Personal Computing
BCIS 2390  System Analysis and Design COSC 1310  Advanced Information Sys. Software
BIOL 1406  Biology for Science Majors I + Lab BIOL 1306/1106  Gen Biol I + Lab
BIOL 1306  Biology for Science Majors I BIOL 1306  Gen Biol I
BIOL 1106  Biology for Science Majors Lab BIOL 1106  Gen Biol I Lab
BIOL 1407  Biology for Science Majors II + Lab BIOL 1307/1107  Gen Biol II + Lab
BIOL 1307  Biology for Science Majors II BIOL 1307  Gen Biol II
BIOL 1107  Biology for Science Majors Lab BIOL 1107  Gen Biol II Lab
BIOL 2401  Anatomy & Physiology I + Lab BIOL 2301/2101  Anatomy & Phys I + Lab
BIOL 2301  Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL 2301  Anatomy & Phys I
BIOL 2101  Anatomy & Physiology Lab I BIOL 2101  Anatomy & Phys I Lab
BIOL 2402  Anatomy & Physiology II + Lab BIOL 2302/2102  Anatomy & Phys II + Lab
BIOL 2302  Anatomy & Physiology II BIOL 2302  Anatomy & Phys II
BIOL 2102  Anatomy & Physiology Lab II BIOL 2102  Anatomy & Phys II Lab
BIOL 2420  Microbiology for Non-Science Majors I + Lab BIOL 2320/2120  Microbiology + Lab
BIOL 2320  Microbiology for Non-Science Majors BIOL 2320  Microbiology
BIOL 2121  Microbiology for Non-Science Majors Lab BIOL 2120  Microbiology Lab
BUS 1301  Business Principles GENB 1301  Intro to Business
CHEM 1405  Intro. Chemistry I + Lab CHEM 1305/1105  Introductory Chem I + Lab
CHEM 1305  Intro. Chemistry I CHEM 1305  Introductory Chem I
CHEM 1105  Intro. Chemistry I Lab CHEM 1105  Introductory Chem I Lab
CHEM 1407  Intro. Chemistry II + Lab CHEM 1307/1107  Introductory Chem II + Lab
CHEM 1307  Intro. Chemistry II CHEM 1307  General Introductory II
CHEM 1107   Intro Chemistry II Lab CHEM 1107  Introductory Chem II Lab
CHEM 1411  General Chemistry I + Lab CHEM 1311/1111  General Chem I + Lab
CHEM 1311  General Chemistry I CHEM 1311  General Chem I
CHEM 1111  General Chemistry I Lab CHEM 1111  General Chem I Lab
CHEM 1412  General Chemistry II + Lab CHEM 1312/1112  General Chem II + Lab
CHEM 1312  General Chemistry II CHEM 1312  General Chem II
CHEM 1112  General Chemistry II Lab CHEM 1112  General Chem II Lab
COMM 1307  Introduction to Mass Communication JOUR 2307  Mass Media and Society
COMM 2311  Newsgathering and Writing I JOUR 2311  Writing for Mass Media
COSC 1300  Introduction to Computing COSC 1300  Computer Literacy
COSC 1301  Microcomputer Applications COSC 1301  Computers In Society
COSC 1436  Programming Fund. I COSC 1336/1136  Programming Fundamentals I + Lab
COSC 1437  Programming Fund. II COSC 1337/1137  Programming Fundamentals II + Lab
COSC 2325  Computer Organization & Machine Language COSC 2315  Computer Organization
COSC 2336  Programming Fund. III COSC 2336  Data Structures and Algorithms
COSC 2330  Advanced Structured Languages COSC 2330  Foundations of Computer Sci
CRIJ 1301  Introduction to Criminal Justice CRIJ 2300  Criminal Justice System
DRAM 1310  Intro to Theatre THTR 1301  Plays in Performance
DRAM 1351  Acting I THTR 1351  Acting: An Intro
DRAM 1352  Acting II THTR 1352  Acting: Basic Skills
DRAM 2336  Voice for the Theater THTR 2336  Voice & Diction
DRAM 2366  Development of Motion Picture I THTR 2366  Dev of The Cinema: Early Yrs To WW I
DRAM 2367  Development of Motion Picture II THTR 2367  Dev of The Cinema: WW I To Present
ECON 1301  Introduction to Economics ECON 1301  Intro To Econ
ECON 2301  Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2301  Prin of Econ I
ECON 2302  Principles of Microeconomics ECON 2302  Prin of Econ II
ENGL 1301  Composition I ENGL 1301  Grammar & Comp I
ENGL 1302  Composition II ENGL 1302  Grammar & Comp II
ENGL 2322  British Literature I (1st sem;2 sem seq) ENGL 2322  English Lit to the 1780'S
ENGL 2323  British Literature II (2nd sem;2 sem seq) ENGL 2323  Engl Lit from 1780 To Present
ENGL 2326  American Literature (1 semester course) ENGL 2350  American Lit Survey
ENGL 2332  World Literature I (1st sem;2 sem seq) ENGL 2362  World Lit through the Ren
ENGL 2341  Forms of Literature ENGL 2310  Literary Appreciation
ENGR 1101  Introduction to Engineering I ENGR 1101  Intro To Engr
ENGR 2301  Engineering Mechanics I-Statics ENGR 2301  Statics
ENGR 2302  Engineering Mechanics II-Dynamics ENGR 2302  Dynamics
FREN 1411  Beginning French I FREN 1401  Conversation & Composition I
FREN 1412  Beginning French II FREN 1402  Conversation & Composition II
FREN 2311  Intermediate French I FREN 2301  Intermediate French I
FREN 2312  Intermediate French II FREN 2302  Intermediate French II
GEOG 1303  World Regional Geography GEOG 1313  World Regional Geography
GERM 1411  Beginning German I GERM 1401  Elementary German I
GERM 1412  Beginning German II GERM 1402  Elementary German II
GERM 2311  Intermediate German I GERM 2301  Intermediate Conversation German I
GERM 2312  Intermediate German II GERM 2302  Intermediate Conversation German II
GOVT 2305  Federal Government (Federal Const & Topics) POLS 2305  Introductory American Gov
GOVT 2306  Texas Government (Texas Const & Topics) POLS 2306  Introductory Texas Politics
HIST 1301  United States History I HIST 1301  U.S. History I
HIST 1302  United States History II HIST 1302  U.S. History II
HIST 2321  World Civilizations I HIST 2321  World Civ I
HIST 2322  World Civilizations II HIST 2322  World Civ II
LATI 1311  Elementary Latin I LATN 1301  Beg Latin I
LATI 1312  Elementary Latin II LATN 1302  Beg Latin II
LATI 2311  Intermediate Latin I LATN 2301  Interm. Latin I
LATI 2312  Intermediate Latin II LATN 2302  Interm. Latin II
MATH 1314  College Algebra MATH 1314  College Algebra
MATH 1316  Plane Trigonometry MATH 1316  Trigonometry
MATH 1324  Math for Business & Social Sciences I (Finite Mathematics) MATH 1324  Mathematics For Business & Economics I
MATH 1325  Math for Business & Social Sciences II (Business Calculus) MATH 1325  Mathematics For Business & Economics II
MATH 1332  Contemporary Mathematics I MATH 1332  Contemporary Mathematics I
MATH 1333  Contemporary Mathematics II MATH 1333  Contemporary Mathematics II
MATH 1342  Elementary Statistical Methods MATH 1342  Statistics
MATH 1350  Fundamentals of Mathematics I MATH 1350  Concepts of Modern Math I
MATH 1351  Fundamentals of Mathematics II MATH 1351  Concepts of Modern Math II
MATH 2413  Calculus I MATH 2413  Calculus I
MATH 2414  Calculus II MATH 2414  Calculus II
MUSI 1101  Fundamentals of Music I (Keyboard) MUSI 1101  Basic Repertoire Of Music
MUSI 1116  Elementary Sight Singing & Ear Training I MUSI 1116  Aural Skills I
MUSI 1117  Elementary Sight Singing & Ear Training II MUSI 1117  Aural Skills II
MUSI 1306  Music Appreciation MUSI 1306  Music Appreciation
MUSI 1307  Music Literature MUSI 2308  Music Literature
MUSI 1311  Music Theory I MUSI 1311  Music Theory I
MUSI 1312  Music Theory II MUSI 1312  Music Theory II
MUSI 2116  Advanced Sight Singing & Ear Training I MUSI 2116  Aural Skills III
MUSI 2117  Advanced Sight Singing & Ear Training II MUSI 2117  Aural Skills IV
MUSI 2311  Music Theory III MUSI 2311  Music Theory III
MUSI 2312  Music Theory IV MUSI 2312  Music Theory IV
PHED 1301  Intro. to Physical Fitness and Sport KINE 1301  Health Related Fitness Activities
PHIL 1301  Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 1301  Intro to Phil
PHIL 2306  Introduction to Ethics PHIL 2306  Intro to Ethics
PHYS 1401  Elementary Physics I + Lab PHYS 1301/1101  College Physics I + Lab
PHYS 1301  Elementary Physics I PHYS 1301  College Physics I
PHYS 1101  Elementary Physics I Lab PHYS 1101  College Physics I Lab
PHYS 1402  Elementary Physics II + Lab PHYS 1302/1102  College Physics II + Lab
PHYS 1302  Elementary Physics II PHYS 1302  College Physics II
PHYS 1102  Elementary Physics II Lab PHYS 1102  College Physics II Lab
PHYS 2425  University Physics I + Lab PHYS 2425/2125  Univ Physics I + Lab
PHYS 2325  University Physics I PHYS 2325  Univ Physics I
PHYS 2125  University Physics I Lab PHYS 2125  Univ Physics I Lab
PHYS 2426  University Physics II + Lab PHYS 2326/2126  Univ Physics II + Lab
PHYS 2326  University Physics II PHYS 2326  Univ Physics I
PHYS 2126  University Physics II Lab PHYS 2126  Univ Physics II Lab
PSYC 1301  Human Relations PSYC 1301  Intro to Psychological Sci
PSYC 2314  Lifespan Growth & Development PSYC 2320  Lifespan Developmental Psyc
SOCI 1301  Introductory Sociology SOCI 1301  Intro to Soci
SOCI 1306  Social Problems SOCI 1306  Contemporary Social
SOCI 2326  Social Psychology SOCI 2326  Social Psychology
SPAN 1411  Beginning Spanish I SPAN 1413  Introduction to Spanish I
SPAN 1412  Beginning Spanish II SPAN 1414  Introduction to Spanish II
SPAN 2311  Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 2311  Interm Span I
SPAN 2312  Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 2312  Interm Span II
SPCH 1311  Introduction to Speech Communication SPCM 1311  Introduction to Comm. Studies
SPCH 1315  Public Speaking SPCM 1315  Fundamentals of Speech
SPCH 1318  Interpersonal Communication SPCM 2318  Interpersonal Communication