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Tuition and Fees

Other Fees And Charges

Add Fee $5

A $5 fee will be charged for each course added after the first week of classes.

Audit Fee

1-3 semester credit hours $50; 4-6 semester credit hours $100; 7-9 semester credit hours $150; 10-12 semester credit hours $200.

Those students enrolled as auditors will be charged an audit fee. Audit fees are nonrefundable.

Co-Operative Education Student Work Fee $100

This fee assessed to defray expenses for administrative processing for placement of students in field settings for computer science and engineering.

Course Fee

This fee is assessed to defray costs of materials, equipment, technical assistance and clerical wages directly associated with classroom activity. Course fees will be refunded on same schedule as tuition. Specific fee amount is listed with the course description.

Graduation Application Access Fee $30

These fees are payable at the University Cashiers Office and are nonrefundable. After this time, another fee will be assessed for reapplication. This fee covers the cost of the diploma. This fee does not provide commencement regalia. Separate arrangements may be made through the University Bookstore.

Replacement Diploma Fee $25

Students who desire a new copy of their diploma are required to pay the replacement diploma fee and complete the Diploma Reorder Form. Students should pay the fee and submit their form at the Enrollment Services Center. Replacement diplomas are typically mailed or made available for pickup in four to six weeks.

Drop Fee $5

Fee will be charged for each course dropped after the first week of classes, except when the change is considered the fault of the university.

Field Experience And Student Teaching Fee $125 Undergraduate; $250 Graduate

This is a one-time, nonrefundable fee to defray costs of speech and hearing tests, supervisory travel, maintenance and operation costs, and wages associated with the School of Education and Psychology's field experience and student teaching program.

Installment Tuition Fees

  • Installment fee $25-$45 depending on the installment plan you choose/academic term.
  • Delinquency fee $25 for each delinquent payment.

Internship in Student Teaching $1,600

Individual Coaching or Instructional Fee $50 to $75

Students enrolled in art, drama, speech or music, where individual coaching or instruction is the usual method of instruction, shall pay a fee in addition to the regular tuition as follows:

Semester Credit Hours Regular Semester Summer Term








International Students Mandatory 

Health Insurance Coverage

International students holding non-immigrant visas are required to maintain approved comprehensive health insurance or coverage while enrolled at UT Tyler. A health insurance fee will be assessed at the time of enrollment.

The health insurance fee will be in the amount of the premium approved for the UT System Student Health Insurance Plan for the actual cost of the insurance and may not be paid through university funded short-term loan or installment plan. This policy applies unless the student provides evidence of coverage under an alternative plan as approved by the UT Board of Regents prior to enrollment.

International Application Fee $75

A nonrefundable application fee, payable by cashier's check or money order, is required of all international students applying for admission to UT Tyler.

Late Registration Fee $25

Those students initially registering, or re-enrolling after being dropped for non-payment, during the period from the first day of class through the Census Date will be assessed a late fee.

Library Fees

For library charges and fines, visit Library Charges and Fines.

Parking Fees

All full- and part-time students, faculty and staff who operate a motor vehicle on property or streets owned or controlled by the university are required to have and display a valid UT Tyler issued parking permit on their vehicle.

Motor vehicles will be issued a parking permit with a single payment for the academic year (Sept. 1 through Aug. 31) or for the balance of the year registered, whichever is applicable. The following fees will be charged at the initial period of registration:

Permit Fee Schedule

Full Year (9/1 – 8/31); Fall and/or Spring Semesters


Summer I and Long Summer Session


Summer II (July & August)



An individual is authorized to purchase additional permits at the same cost as the initial permits according to the Permit Fee Schedule. One permit will be issued per permit fee. Sharing of permits is not allowed. Individuals are responsible for any violation(s) issued to a permit registered to them.

Post Census Registration Fee $250

Those students registering after the census day will be assessed a post census registration fee.

Replacement Student and Faculty/Staff ID Fee $25

This fee is used to defray costs of labor and materials.

Returned Check Collection Charge $25

If a check or electronic check is returned from the bank unpaid for any reason, the student will be assessed a collection fee for each check or electronic check returned.  The student must pay the full amount of the returned check plus the fee immediately in cash, cashier's check, money order, or credit card.

In the event of nonpayment of a returned check, one or more of the following actions may be taken: (a) a bar against readmission for the student, (b) withholding the student's grades and official transcript, (c) withholding a degree to which the student otherwise would be entitled, (d) all other penalties and actions authorized by law. In addition, the check may be turned over to the District Attorney of Smith County, Texas for prosecution. 

The university will not accept a check or electronic check from a student (a) who wrote a bad check or electronic check to pay off a previous debt owed to the university, (b) who after writing a bad check or electronic check was not responsive to requests for payments, and (c) who habitually writes bad checks or electronic checks, even though restitution is made promptly.

Student Insurance

Sickness and accident insurance is available to all UT Tyler students and their dependents on a voluntary basis and offers students an opportunity to purchase coverage. Additional information regarding the student insurance program may be obtained from the Student Services Office.

Student Nursing Liability Insurance $5-15

To cover liability insurance costs for students in clinical practicum in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. (Based upon semester enrollment to be paid annually.)

To defray costs associated with administering and scoring Miller Analogy Test $15

Textbooks And Supplies

It is a responsibility of each student to provide his/her own textbooks and supplies. The university bookstore, located in the University Center, is the primary source of these materials as well as other merchandise related to the academic community.  Books, supplies, ancillary and gift items are available for purchase online at uttyler.bncollege.com.

Transcript Fee $5

As noted under the Records Fee section, there is a limit of five transcripts per day at no charge.  Each transcript requested beyond this number in a single day will require payment of the transcript fee.

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