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UT Tyler College of Business and Technology

CBT Vision, Mission and Values


The College of Business and Technology will build distinction as the best business school in the region through selected Signature Areas receiving national recognition, discipline-based special programs adding value to the degree and enhancing the graduate's job opportunities, along with outreach programs meeting business stakeholders' needs.


The College of Business and Technology provides high quality business education to citizens of the East Texas region and beyond through a strategic mix of face-to-face and online delivery. High-Impact Educational Practices are employed to help students at the bachelor's and master's levels attain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful as professionals.

Our stakeholders are served by providing general and specialized master's degrees. A balance is maintained between teaching and research so that the creation of both basic and applied knowledge along with teaching excellence is valued.

Core Values

Professional Proficiency
Technological Competence
Critical Thinking
Global Awareness
Social Responsibility

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