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Master of Business Administration Degree Plan

2012-2014 MBA Degree Plan: Online and Face to Face
2010-2012 MBA Degree Plan: Online and Face to Face

General Graduate Admission Requirements

MBA Additional Admission Requirements

  • Admission to the M.B.A. degree program is determined primarily on the basis of predictors of success in graduate study: 1) a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, 2) grade point average computed on the last 60 undergraduate hours and 3) a satisfactory score on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). In rare instances the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) may be accepted in lieu of the GMAT.
  • Quantitative measures are integrated into an index that multiplies the applicant's 60-hour GPA times 200 and adds the total GMAT score (60 hr. GPA x 200) + GMAT =>1000.  An index score of greater than 1000 is typical of a successful candidate.  If the student's 60 hr. GPA is above 3.25 the GMAT may be waived.
  • Additionally, applicants with three or more years of extensive managerial work experience may request to have the GMAT requirement waived by the Graduate Coordinator.  This decision is made on a case-by-case basis: "extensive managerial experience" will typically mean a full-time supervisory or managerial position held for a significant period of time after completing the bachelor's degree as demonstrated with a resume.
  • Proficiency in the use of the English language is critical to program success.International students must score a minimum of 550 on the paper-based, 213 on the old computer based version and 79 on the internet based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Only the TOEFL examination given by the Educational Testing Service is acceptable. The student will be notified by the business graduate programs coordinator if he/she has or has not successfully satisfied this requirement.
  • Applicants with transcripts from academic institutions outside the US must also submit a detailed international transcript evaluation. An international transcript evaluation determines an applicant's degree comparability to a US bachelor's degree. UT Tyler does not evaluate international transcripts.
  • After reviewing all credentials (official transcripts, GMAT score, other relevant information), the coordinator of graduate programs and the College of Business and Technology Graduate Policy Committee will determine if the student may be accepted into the MBA program. An advising schedule will be prepared by the graduate programs coordinator with the student. An email will then be sent, notifying official acceptance into the MBA program. Full acceptance must occur prior to enrollment beyond nine semester credit hours including any transfer credit.
  • Statistical literacy must be demonstrated by completing an undergraduate course or other evidence of competency.  All equivalent methods of satisfying subject area requirements must be approved by the coordinator of graduate programs.
  • Students who do not have an undergraduate business degree from an AACSB accredited school are required to complete either 6 hours of undergraduate economics (Macro and Microeconomics) or 3 hours of a graduate level economics leveling class (ECON 5300 - Economics Concepts) prior to taking ECON 5320 - Advanced Economic Analysis
  • Substitution of courses will be determined by the coordinator of graduate programs in consultation with the faculty.
  • Although a student may not have completed all baccalaureate work at the time of application, a decision will be made on the strength of the student’s permanent record before the student can be enrolled as a graduate student in business.

Provisional Admission

No more than nine semester credit hours of graduate credit earned prior to acceptance into the program, including transfer credit, may be applied to the MBA degree. Students seeking admission to the MBA program who have not yet satisfied admission criteria may be admitted as conditional or provisional students and allowed to complete one semester with up to nine hours of course work.

Transferring Graduate Courses

Subject to approval by the coordinator of graduate programs and the dean of the College of Business and Technology, students may transfer up to nine hours of graduate credit earned at an approved university.

About the MBA Program

The basic objective of the master of business administration (MBA) degree program is to offer individuals an opportunity to develop corporate leadership ability in an increasingly complex and dynamic global society by enhancing their knowledge, managerial skill and perspective. The broad, integrated curriculum provides the student with an opportunity to gain understanding of the major facets of multinational business operations in a competitive environment.

The program includes work in the theoretical foundations of business, quantitative controls, decision-making, the development of advanced functional skills, and the global and ethical environment of business. An opportunity is also provided for a limited degree of specialization. The degree is delivered both on campus, via the internet and at locations in Longview and Palestine.

The program is a non-thesis program designed for graduates from recognized colleges of business as well as graduates in liberal arts, science, engineering or other fields desiring to undertake professional studies in the area of business administration. This degree can be completed face-to-face or online.

All MBA students must maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average (4.0 basis) on all graduate work attempted in the MBA program to qualify for graduation.

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