Course Syllabi

UT Tyler Department of Human Resource Development

Course Prefix and Course # Course Title Faculty
HRD 3301.060 Intro to HRD and Performance Management Systems Roberts
HRD 3306.060, .061 Team Building Gilbreath
HRD 3312.060 Training, Selection and Recruiting Hall
HRD 3333.001 Human Relations Sun
HRD 3342.060 Career Development and Human Resource Plannings Sun
HRD 4331.060 Workforce and Organizational Development McWhorter
HRD 4370.060 Undergraduate Internship Program McWhorter
HRD 4371.060 Undergraduate Internship Program McWhorter
HRD 4199-4699.060 Independent Study McWhorter
HRD 5307.060 Measurement and Evaluation in HRD & TECH Wang
HRD 5328.001 Human Resource Development Topics Gilley
HRD 5331.001 Workforce Development Wang
HRD 5333.060 Human Relations Gilbreath
HRD 5336.061 Adult Learning Barber
HRD 5343.060 Foundations of Human Resource Development Wang
HRD 5343.061 Foundations of Human Resource Development Barber
HRD 5344.001 Conflict Resolution Shelton
HRD 5350.060 Leadership and Ethics in HRD McWhorter
HRD 5352.001 Organization Development Gilley
HRD 5199-5699.060 Independent Study McWhorter
HRD 6195.001 Dissertation (Proposal Development) TBD
HRD 6310.001 Advanced Theoretical Foundations of HRD Ellinger
HRD 6311.001 Organizational Change Gilley
HRD 6312.001 Contemporary Issues in HRD Literature Wang
HRD 6350.001 Disciplined Inquiry in Human Resource Development Ellinger
HRD 6351.001 Intermediate Statistics in Research Nimon
HRD 6353.001 Advanced Qualitative Research in HRD McWhorter
HRD 6355.001 Advanced Statistics in Research Nimon