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For some, taking initiative and motivating people is rewarding. Maybe you find excitement in the idea of trading stocks or making investments? Or perhaps developing a marketing plan and carrying out projects gets you motivated. You choose your path and our AACSB accredited College of Business & Technology (CBT) will help you get there. The CBT also prepares students for careers in computer science, human resource development and technology.

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    The CBT also employs High-Impact Educational Practices that help students at the bachelor's and master's levels attain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful as professionals. These 10 practices have been adopted by the College to help better serve our students.

    65% of jobs that pay $100,000+ are from CBT majors offered

    Class of 2015's most hireable majors, lucrative industries and job-searching tips for recent grads

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    What CBT Alumni Say  

    My business administration minor prepared me for my current position.
    Jimmy Peterson, 2013, Director of Business Development & Marketing, The Brannon Corporation

    My accounting degree from UT Tyler has given me a great foundation to build on.
    Maria Campos, 2013, Staff Associate at Henry & Peters

    The internship that CBT provided me, showed my employer how valuable a resource I could be in a full-time position.
    Roy Lucio, 2012, Sales & Marketing Analyst, Ingersoll Rand

    The day-to-day class work is long forgotten but the concepts of time management, lessons learned from professors, and the ability to work within teams have been embedded in my mind. Each moment spent presenting something in front of the class or even answering a professor's questions out loud was future training for being able to properly express my opinion on the job today.
    Matthew Riccardi, 2009, Senior Manager of Basketball Operations, Brooklyn Nets