UT Tyler

Department of Technology

Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Program Goals

Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of Technology is to be nationally recognized as one of the best in the profession and to be a leader in the advancement of new technologies.

Mission Statement

The Department of Technology provides its students with a comprehensive educational experience comprised of a vast array of technical skills and business knowledge deemed necessary for successful professional careers. Our high quality, accredited programs offer courses online and face-to-face, thereby enabling students the flexibility to earn a degree that fits their schedule. Students from the programs will learn from faculty scholars who have nationally recognized expertise in various technologies and engage in research and creative activity.

Program Goals

The Industrial Technology program goals are aligned with the relevant goals outlined by the university and college. The current program goals are listed as follows:

The Industrial Technology program will enhance student success, becoming nationally known for academic excellence in undergraduate education.

Long range Objective (lro) Short range objective (sro)
The program will be known to have the same reputation for quality as the best programs in the country (lro).

  • The program will maintain ATMAE accreditation (sro).
  • The program will produce graduates that can pass national certification exams (sro).
  • The program will define a specific niche area in which it will receive national recognition (sro).

The Industrial Technology program promotes excellence in scholarship, research, creative endeavor, and innovation.
The program will consist of faculty with excellent scholarly and research records (lro).

  • The program will consist of faculty who publish at least one article, book chapter, book, or other scholarly activity annually (sro).
  • The program will have at least one research proposal submitted annually (sro).
  • The program will consist of faculty who present at the national level annually (sro).
  • The program will consist of faculty who are known for innovative endeavors (sro).

Goal Three: SERVICE
The Industrial Technology program will service the community of East Texas and beyond.
The program will provide opportunities for students and faculty to build long term relations with the community of East Texasand beyond (lro).

The program will maintain an Advisory Committee to provide input to the program so it can produce graduates that are adequately prepared for the workforce in the surrounding areas and beyond (sro).

  • The program will provide internship opportunities for majors in order to better prepare them for real life careers (sro).
  • The program will provide opportunities for students to participate in volunteer projects to help the community ofEast Texasand beyond (sro).

The Industrial Technology program will enhance the quality of campus life for majors.
The program will provide opportunities for students to build long term relations, and camaraderie with peers and faculty to enhance their college experience (lro).

  • The program will create and/or offer a variety of student organizations and honor societies for students to participate in (sro).
  • The program will provide opportunities for students to partake in external field trips to various local, regional, and national events related to the discipline (sro).

Maintain outstanding stewardship of university resources. Seek Opportunities to be Entrepreneurial - Encourage and optimize research collaborations between faculty and community business leaders that will result in development of profit centers.
The faculty of the program will develop a College wide center, institute, or collaboration with companies of the region to assist them with their training needs (lro).

  • The faculty from the program will provide assistance with the creation of a center that will assist area companies with training methods to stay globally competitive (sro).
  • The faculty will provide training sessions to companies throughout the year that will generate revenue for the college and the university (sro).