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Center for Ethics

Understanding Ethics Through Culture

Understanding Ethics Through Culture

Location: LIB 401
Time: 6-8pm, food will be served at 5:30

We invite everyone to attend a very special event that is co-sponsored by the Center for Global Education and the Center for Ethics. This event will involve about 50 undergraduate students from across campus who will be analyzing an ethical scenario within a cultural perspective. Students will do a brief presentation and 3 awards will be given to the groups who best meet the judging criteria. Faculty have worked very diligently to develop scenarios and will serve as Table Facilitators that evening.

We are so proud of our students who so willingly volunteered to participate in this event! Please come and support our students! We will have food!

Special Instructions for Student Participants:

We have several documents that you will want to review prior to Thursday’s event. One of them is a PowerPoint handout that Dr. Torey Nalbone developed for one of his engineering courses. We have modified this handout slightly, but it will give you an overview of ethical theories and values that may be helpful to you Thursday night.

Another very useful handout is the one entitiled: Common Morality. This is a handout used for the ethics bowl events in which high school students participate. You will also see several scenarios that will be randomly assigned to discussion tables that evening. The following are links to these and other handouts:

For additional information:, please contact Dr. Jill Blondin (jblondin@uttyler.edu)


Dr. Gloria Duke (gduke@uttyler.edu)

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