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Institute for Integrated Healthcare - Request for Research Related Funding

Institute for Integrated HealthcareAs funds are available, the IIH will assist with equipment, supplies, travel, and other needs relevant to integrated healthcare research. The IIH should not be considered the primary source for research funding.

The Institute for Integrated Healthcare has three primary purposes:

  1. Increase external funding to support health and wellness related research efforts across departmental, school, college, and external campus boundary disciplines.
  2. Stimulate student learning through research related to evidence-based best teaching practices in health and wellness disciplines.
  3. Make a difference in the population’s health in Tyler, and East Texas through community and public health initiatives and service programs.

To apply for research related funding, submit a brief proposal (approximately 2 pages) that addresses the following:

  • The title and purpose of the research
  • Alignment of the research with the purpose of the IIH
  • Brief background and significance
  • Research questions/hypotheses
  • Theoretical framework or if qualitative, philosophical underpinnings
  • Research design
  • Population & Sample
  • Methods including planned analysis
  • References
  • Budget and justification. (May be on a separate page or spreadsheet)
  • Project timeline. (May be included as an attachment)
  • Report and dissemination of research results. (Due within 6-months of completion)
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