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Undergraduate Program

Course Descriptions

SPCM 1311: Introduction to Communication Studies
Theory and practice related to the dynamics of human communication. An examination of the process of attributing and sharing meaning, and the factors influencing intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, organizational, rhetoric and public address, and mass communication. Course fee $5.

SPCM 1315: Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Theory and practice in oral communication. Practice in and discussion of the factors influencing message creation and construction, the role of research and evidence in public discourse, adaptation to the communication situation and audience, ethical issues in public communication, argumentation and persuasion, delivery, and emphasis upon creating assignments which help students who experience excessive communication apprehension. Course fee $5.

SPCM 2310: Investigating Communication
A review of research in the speech communication discipline. Broad application of both quantitative and qualitative investigative methods. Students learn to read and review work within the discipline. Course fee $5.

SPCM 2318: Interpersonal Communication
A study of human communication process within dyadic relationships. Topics include communication styles, skills, and methods of interpersonal communication competency. Course fee $5.

SPCM 2335: Argumentation and Debate
This class focuses on the theory and practice of argument in the academic debate setting. A secondary focus is on the application of debate theory to the practice of argument in general. Emphasis is placed upon research, analysis, case construction, and actual debating.

SPCM 3321: Business and Professional Speaking
Principles of speech communication are applied to the communication needs of the professional. Public communication, small group communication and interviewing are explored as they relate to the business/professional arena. A practical/applied orientation is taken with an emphasis on selection interviews, problem solving, the oral presentation and advocacy of ideas. Course fee $7.

SPCM 3322: Small Group Communication
A study of group process and interaction, including the concepts of leadership and effective participation. Course fee $5.

SPCM 3325: Persuasive Communication
Theories of communication and psychology applied to the study of persuasion as a motivating force in human conduct. Focuses on persuasion in advertising, sales speaking, and prominent persuasive speakers including political figures. Course fee $5. Prerequisite: SPCM 1315.

SPCM 3330: Improving Listening Abilities
In-depth study of the roles, processes, needs, and types of listening encountered in the classroom, workplace, and other common areas. Standardized listening tests administered. Course fee $6.

SPCM 3340: Speech Activities
Participation in speech tournaments. Open to any student interested in debating. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. May be repeated once for credit. Course fee $10.

SPCM 4301: Group Interpretation of Literature
Activity course aimed at developing the student's expressiveness and interpretative abilities in presenting literature orally in multiple reading situations and at developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of literature. Emphasis on creativity in Reader's Theatre design and production. Course fee $5.

SPCM 4315: Organizational Communication
An analysis of the flow of communication within formal organizations with emphasis on the interrelationship between interpersonal, small group and mass communication. Course fee $5.

SPCM 4320: Communication Theory
Interdisciplinary overview of communication theories from the perspective of the anthropologist, sociologist, educator, psychiatrist, philosopher, and scientist including theoretical models, symbolic transformation, and attitude formation change. Prerequisite: SPCM 2310 & senior standing. Course fee $5.

SPCM 4326: Advanced Public Speaking
A course in the composition and delivery of speeches for various occasions, in audience analysis, and in speech criticism. Prerequisite: SPCM 1315. Course fee $5.

SPCM 4327: Contemporary Rhetoric
Investigation of the shifting rhetorical climate of today's society and the changing modes of communication. Prerequisite: SPCM 2310. Course fee $5.

SPCM 4328: Corporate and Legal Advocacy
An applied rhetorical theory course investigating the theory and practice of communication strategies in corporate and legal advocacy processes. Prerequisite: SPCM 1315 or consent of instructor.

SPCM 4330: Techniques of Interviewing
Places interviewing in a communication perspective and explores various kinds of interviewing, such as informational, persuasive, employment, counseling, and journalistic. Course fee $8.

SPCM 4331: Intercultural Communication
An examination of the relationship between communication and culture. The general concepts of intercultural communication, intercommunity communication, and relevant contrast-cultural and ethnic groups are examined. Designed primarily to satisfy the multicultural requirements for elementary and secondary teachers. Course fee $5.

SPCM 4333: Religious Communication
Explores how religious belief and action are motivated by different communication practices. Topics may include but are not limited to 1) philosophy and theory of communication; 2) Christian, Jewish, Muslim preachment; 3) Apologetics; 4) Church-State relations. Class attendance at three different religious services (Christian, Jewish, Muslim) required.

SPCM 4360: Topics in Communication
A study of the application of communication in both professional and personal life. Such areas as teaching, business, listening, parliamentary procedure, and other studies more specialized than those currently offered in other courses may be included. May be repeated once for credit when content changes. Course fee $5.

SPCM 4368, 4668: Field Experience in Communication
Provides the student with the opportunity to conduct field research in communication on a given topic which includes some travel. Classroom experiences employing lecture and seminar methods supplement the field experience. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Course fee $5.

SPCM 4370 & 4371: Undergraduate Internship Program
An 8-to-16 week program offering a learning experience in an off-campus environment. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair. CR/NC option.

SPCM 4199-4699: Independent Study
Independent study in specific areas of speech not covered by organized undergraduate courses. A maximum of six credit hours for independent study courses may be applied toward an undergraduate degree. Prerequisite: 12 semester hours of advanced speech communication and consent of department chair.

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