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UT Tyler Compliance Office

UT Tyler Institutional Executive Compliance Committee (IECC)

The UT Tyler Institutional Executive Compliance Committee consists of the president, the provost/vice president for academic affairs, and the vice president for business affairs/institutional compliance officer. The IECC meets three times a year immediately after the Institutional Audit Committee meetings.

The IECC provides executive level decision making for the institution's compliance program, establishes clear lines of program authority, approves standards and procedures for the compliance program, allocates resources for compliance activities and infrastructure, approves and monitors the annual operating plan, and reviews disciplinary actions for significant instances of non-compliance.

UT Tyler Compliance Working Group (CWG)

The Compliance Working Group reports to the IECC. The Compliance Working Group is made up of the A-list high risk area responsible parties along with other key personnel for the university and is charged to:

  • Develop a risk-based plan to manage institutional compliance.
  • Monitor the implementation of UT Tyler's risk management plan for all high-risk compliance issues.
  • Monitor UT Tyler's compliance with the UT System Action Plan to ensure institutional compliance.
  • Communicate instances of non-compliance to the institutional compliance officer.
  • Follow-up on compliance findings to ensure that appropriate corrective action has been taken.
  • Continuously assess the effectiveness of institutional compliance activities including the effectiveness of the group, itself.

The Compliance Working Group currently meets the last Friday of every month in ADM 301 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.



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