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UT Tyler Compliance Office

Protection from Retaliation for Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing

UT Tyler is committed to including employees in the process of ensuring that UT Tyler operates in an ethical, honest, and lawful manner.  It is therefore the policy of UT Tyler to:

  1. Encourage employees to report, or cause to be reported, and to assist in any investigation by persons authorized or responsible for such matters, known or suspected violations of laws, rules, policies, or regulations, or improper activities; and
  2. Prohibit unlawful retaliation against employees as a consequence of good faith actions in the reporting of, or the participation in an investigation pertaining to, allegations of wrongdoing.

Policies Regarding Reporting of and Protection from Retaliation

UTS 131:  Protection from Retaliation for Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing

Procedures for the Handling of an Allegation of Retaliation

To report suspected retaliation, contact the UT Tyler Administration Retaliation Compliant Officer

Mr. Joe Vorsas
Office of Human Resources
3900 University Blvd  ADM 108
Tyler, TX  75700

Reporting Known or Suspected Violations of Laws, Rules, Regulations, or Policies

Call the UT Tyler Compliance / Ethics Hotline at:  1.877.507.7318  

U. T. Tyler's Compliance Officer 

Mr. Jesse Acosta
3900 University Blvd.  ADM 312
Tyler, TX  75799

In the event that the alleged wrongdoing is significant or widespread, or applies to the U. T. System as a whole, individuals may alternatively submit a report through one of the following:

U. T. System Chief Audit Executive

J. Michael Peppers
System Audit Office
702 Colorado Street, CLB 3.100
Austin, TX  78701

Vice Chancellor and General Counsel and U. T. System Ethics Officer

Barry D. Burgdorf
Office of General Counsel
201 West Seventh Street
Austin, TX  78701-2982