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UT Tyler Compliance Office

UT Tyler Compliance Policies, Manuals, Documents and Resources

  • Standards of Conduct (SOC) Guide - Provides employees of UT Tyler with information about and source references for the laws, policies, rules and regulations that govern their conduct.
  • Management Responsibilities Handbook (MRH) - A general summary of the responsibilities of department heads/budget authorities and serves as a procedural guideline and reference tool. It is not an all-inclusive document.
  • Texas Ethics Commission Notice to all Employees: The Ethics Commission's website includes a number of publications that provide important information for state employees regarding ethics and conduct. It is important that each state employee review this information annually so that they can stay abreast of and stay in compliance with state ethics laws. The applicable information for state ethics laws can be found on the Ethics Commission's website in the section labeled "State Officers and Employees" under the subsection "Publications and Guides."
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