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UT Tyler Compliance Office

General Compliance Training

UT Tyler utilizes UT System’s computer-based training program (Compliance Training) to provide generalized compliance training to all UT Tyler employees. UT Tyler’s generalized compliance training includes the following modules:

  1. Introduction to UT System Compliance Training
  2. Effectively Controlling Risk
  3. Contacts with the Media, Government, and Outside Investigators
  4. Confidential Information, Accuracy of Records, and Disposal of Records
  5. Fraud, Errors, and Omissions – Outside Employment
  6. Sexual Harassment and Misconduct, and Drug-Free Workplace
  7. EEO, Overtime Compensation, Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees
  8. Use of State Property: Computer Security and Use, Internet Policy
  9. Copyright and Intellectual Property
  10. Contracts and Agreements, and Purchasing
  11. Political Activities and Contributions, Gifts and Gratuities
  12. Hazardous Communication
  13. Protecting the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers
  14. Endowment Compliance (job specific only)
  15. Time and Effort Certification (job specific only)
  16. Identity Theft and Red Flag Rules (job specific only)

All benefits eligible employees are required to complete the Training Post modules every other year. New employees are required to take the Training Post within two months of employment date. Department heads will be notified of any employee that does not complete the generalized compliance training within the specified timeframe.