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UT Tyler Compliance Office

General Compliance Training

UT Tyler utilizes Blackboard to provide mandatory online general compliance training to all benefits-eligible employees. UT Tyler’s general compliance training course includes the following modules:

  1. Introduction to UT Tyler Compliance Training
  2. Contacts with the Media, Government, and Outside Investigators
  3. Confidential Information, Accuracy of Records, and Retention and Disposal of Records
  4. Fraud, Errors, Omissions, and Outside Employment & Financial Interests
  5. Sexual Harassment, Misconduct, and Drug-free Workplace
  6. EEO, Overtime, Compensation, Exempt and Non-exempt time-keeping, and FMLA
  7. Use of State Property: Computers - Security & Use, and Internet Policy
  8. Copyright & Intellectual Property
  9. Contracts and Agreements; Purchasing
  10. Political Activities and Contributions, Gifts and Gratuities
  11. Effectively Controlling Risk
  12. Hazardous Communications - Your Right to Know
  13. Protecting the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers
  14. Campus SaVE Act and Title IX
  15. Endowment Compliance
  16. Identity Theft and Red Flag Rules

All benefits-eligible employees are required to complete training every other year. New benefits-eligible employees are required to complete training within sixty (60) days of employment and will be notified of this requirement by Human Resources. An announcement with detailed instructions will be sent out by Human Resources/Compliance Office when training is due for all other benefits-eligible employees. Human Resources will enroll all impacted employees who are required to take the training.

The modules are made available in numeric sequence and all (16) modules must be completed in order to received credit for the course. Employees without Blackboard access can request it by sending an email.

Department heads will be notified of any employee that does not complete the generalized compliance training within the specified time frame. A condensed version of the general compliance training outlined above is provided to student workers and other part-time non-benefits eligible employees during employee orientation and on-boarding.

Refer any questions regarding the training content or functionality to Erika Sampson, Compliance Officer, (903) 565-5688.

For questions regarding enrollment in the course please contact Judy Parker in Human Resources, (903) 566-7294.



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