UT Tyler Department of Computer Science

Course Syllabi

COSC 1307   Introduction to Information Systems Software    
COSC 1336   Programming Fundamentals  
COSC 1337   The Object-Oriented Paradigm  
COSC 2315   Computer Organization  
COSC 2336   Data Structures and Algorithms  
COSC 3215   Social and Professional Issues in Computing  
COSC 3325   Algorithm Design and Analysis  
COSC 3331   E-Commerce Programming    
COSC 3355   Operating Systems  
COSC 3365   Programming with Data, File and Object Structures  
COSC 3375   Analysis and Logical Design  
COSC 3385   Database Design  
COSC 3345   Computer Architecture  
COSC 4309   Design of Modern Information Systems  
COSC 4315   Information and Knowledge Management  
COSC 4325   Data Communications and Computer Networks  
COSC 4327   UNIX Shell Programming    
COSC 4335   Artificial Intelligence    
COSC 4336   Software Development  
COSC 4340   Comparative Study of Programming Languages    
COSC 4345   Computer Graphics  
COSC 4352   Data Mining    
COSC 4356   Computer Vision    
COSC 4360   Net-Centric Computing  
COSC 4361   Computer Security Management    
COSC 4362   Computer Security  
COSC 4370   Undergraduate Internship Program    
COSC 4375   Information Systems Design Project  
COSC 4377   Compiler Techniques    
COSC 4381   Seminar in Computer Science    
COSC 4385   Database Management Concepts  
COSC 4387   Computer Performance Evaluation    
COSC 4395   Capstone Project  
COSC 5320   Algorithm Analysis and Foundation  
COSC 5326   Unix Programming Environment  
COSC 5330   Operating Systems  
COSC 5340   Programming Languages  
COSC 5341   Computer Security  
COSC 5342   Computer Security Management  
COSC 5345   Computer Graphics  
COSC 5346   Expert Systems  
COSC 5350   Data Communication and Networks    
COSC 5354   Parallel and Supercomputing  
COSC 5360   Database Design  
COSC 5361   Digital Image Processing  
COSC 5362   Pattern Recognition  
COSC 5365   Artificial Intelligence  
COSC 5370   Software Engineering  
COSC 5374   Software Architecture  
COSC 5375   Advanced Database Design  
COSC 5376   Fundamental of Data Warehouses  
COSC 5377   Fund. of Modeling and Dist. Simulations of Complex Systems    
COSC 5379   Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis  
COSC 5380   Research Project  
COSC 5382   Comprehensive Internet Security  
COSC 5390   Topics in Computer Science  
COSC 5390   Topics in Computer Science  
COSC 5393   Graduate Seminar  
COSC 5395   Thesis  
COSC 5396   Thesis