UT Tyler Department of Computer Science

Graduate Course Syllabi

COSC 5320: Algorithm Analysis and Foundation
COSC 5326: Unix Programming Environment
COSC 5330: Operating Systems
COSC 5340: Programming Languages
COSC 5341: Computer Security
COSC 5342: Computer Security Management
COSC 5345: Computer Graphics
COSC 5346: Expert Systems
COSC 5350: Data Communication and Networks
COSC 5354: Parallel and Supercomputing
COSC 5360: Database Design
COSC 5361: Digital Image Processing
COSC 5362: Pattern Recognition
COSC 5365: Artificial Intelligence
COSC 5370: Software Engineering
COSC 5374: Software Architecture
COSC 5375: Advanced Database Design
COSC 5376: Fundamental of Data Warehouses
COSC 5377: Fund. of Modeling and Dist. Simulations of Complex Systems
COSC 5379: Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis
COSC 5380: Research Project
COSC 5382: Comprehensive Internet Security
COSC 5390: Topics in Computer Science Summer
COSC 5390: Topics in Computer Science Summer
COSC 5393: Graduate Seminar
COSC 5395: Thesis
COSC 5396: Thesis