UT Tyler Department of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science-Program Outcomes

Computer science students at the time of graduation are expected to:

  1. Possess knowledge of the fundamentals of mathematics, science and technology.
  2. Be able to use modern computational tools and techniques in the practice of computer science.
  3. Be able to develop logically sound and efficient algorithms.
  4. Be prepared to implement algorithms in multiple programming languages, on multiple hardware platforms and in multiple operating system environments.
  5. Be able to perform analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of computer-based systems, stressing software engineering principles.
  6. Be prepared to seek continuing professional development, graduate studies, or professional certifications related to computer science.
  7. Possess a knowledge of computer security and computer security management.
  8. Demonstrate effective written, visual and oral communication skills.
  9. Possess an educational background to understand the global context in which computer science is practiced, including:
    1. Knowledge of contemporary issues related to computer science.
    2. The impact of computers on society.
    3. The role of ethics in the practice of computer science.
  10. Be able to contribute effectively as members of a project development team.
  11. Recognize the need to pursue continued learning throughout their professional careers.