Data Analytics

The Center for Teaching Excellence & Innovation

The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation (CTEI) is committed to the advancement of teaching and learning at the University of Texas at Tyler. Faculty Fellows involved in the Academic Innovation Initiative provide resources and guidance to foster the professional growth of faculty, promote creativity, and foster innovation in teaching and learning.

Faculty Fellow in the Data Analytics Initiative will strive to help faculty and staff to reveal the truth, increase student engagement and monitor and improve student performance. The faculty fellow is committed to providing our colleagues with access to various data analytic workshops and training materials.

Current Data Analytics Initiatives include:

  • Enable faculty to understand statistical analysis, mathematical or computer based models to make fact based decisions and to keep track of measures that helps serve students better.
  • Provide tools to solve interesting problems in your work environment
  • Classroom observations
  • Recognizing and choosing the alternatives based on the merits/values and preferences/ inclinations
  • Reducing uncertainty about alternatives and come up with a reasonable choice to be made from among the available alternatives
  • Effective methods of assessment using Microsoft Excel
  • We operate the initiative as a team where everybody feel at home conducting series of workshops and training sessions. We value your time with us. Not only will you polish the skills necessary for what you do day to day in your work environment but you'll be able to take certification exams on your own after attending the series of workshops and training sessions.