Faculty Fellows

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


The purpose of the CETL's Faculty Fellowship Program is to establish, within the broader academy, a distinguished community of scholars dedicated to teaching excellence, innovation and student success. The CTEI currently has three Faculty Fellows: two for Service Learning and one for Undergraduate Research for the 2016 academic year. The Faculty Fellows will assist the CETL in achieving its initiatives through a commitment to teaching excellence and innovation, continued faculty development, student success and exceptional scholarship.

Faculty Fellow Responsibilities:

  • Will help develop and lead one of the center's branded initiatives (i.e., Service Learning, Teaching Innovation, and Undergraduate Student Research.
  • Will provide active learning opportunities to faculty, adjuncts and/or teaching assistants by opening up the Faculty Fellow's classroom for peer observation. 
  • Will be available for consultation to assist faculty, adjuncts and/or teaching assistants in the development of teaching excellence and innovation.
  • Will organize and/or lead two faculty development workshops focused on the center's branded initiatives. These workshops will be intended for faculty, adjuncts and/or teaching assistants. Involvement with other Faculty Fellow workshops and CETL activities is both encouraged and expected.


Service Learning

Colleen Marzilli

Nary Subramanian

Undergraduate Research

Christina Graves