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Requesting Accessibility Services

UT Tyler Student Accessibility and Resources

Students requesting accessibility services are encouraged to contact the Student Accessibility and Resources (SAR) office at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester.

A student seeking services is responsible for completing and submitting the SAR eligibility application and providing any supporting documentation that may help with determining eligibility. The SAR case manager will review the eligibility application and supporting documentation and, if eligible, you will be contacted to schedule a personal interview.

During the personal interview the student will work with the case manager to determine appropriate accommodations.

Supporting documentation is strongly encouraged and in some cases may be necessary to determine eligibility. If the student has any of the documentation listed below it is important that they submit it to the SAR office for the case manager to review.

Most psychological, psychiatric or chronic illness will need supporting documentation. There may be need for new and/or relevant documentation to be obtained at the student's expense. If this is the case, the student will be informed by the case manager. 

Supporting documentation must be from an appropriate qualified professional who has particular expertise in the area of the condition/disability.

Once the appropriate steps listed above have been completed and appropriate accommodations decided upon, a letter of accommodation (LOA) is generated and sent to the student's instructors. The student should discuss with the faculty member relevant information that will assist in providing the approved accommodations. The faculty member will assure that the student receives the approved accommodations. The SAR case manager is available to the student and faculty member for consultation.