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There are a variety of materials to help you prepare for your TExES certification exams. Ms. Hansen has also requested that the bookstore order specific books to help in your preparation. Remember that you do not have to purchase the books from the UT Tyler bookstore. You can get the name of the books and purchase from your preferred vendor.

Following are online resources we strongly encourage you to use.

Tests at a Glance

This new test preparation resource — Test at a Glance — gives you a quick overview of the test and includes:

  • Test name
  • Test code
  • Length of test
  • Number and types of questions
  • Format (CAT, PBT or both)
  • Domains and approximate percentage of the test
  • Domains and competencies

Preparation Manuals familiarize you with the competencies to be tested, test question formats and pertinent study resources. There is a Preparation Manual available for each of the TExES tests.

Interactive Practice Tests - provide full-length practice tests that include correct answers, explanations for correct answers and an automatic score summary report. There is a full-length practice test for the following exams:

  • Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12
  • Mathematics 7-12
  • Science 7-12
  • Bilingual Target language Proficiency (BTLPT)

Online Calculator Information – Make sure to use online calculation tutorial prior to testing

An online calculator is now part of the testing software for some tests that require the use of a graphing or scientific calculator. If you are taking a test that requires the use of an online calculator, see the online calculator tutorial, where you can practice using the online calculator before the day of the test. Once you request access to the tutorial, you will be sent an activation key that is good for 30 days of practice use.


This is a paid resource but the School of Education has negotiated a special discount (10%) for our students. Get the instructions to use 240Tutoring in the Documents area of the Clinical Experience organization in Blackboard. You will find resources for the following areas:

Music EC-12 Preparation

The Texas Music Educators Association has created a website to help students preparing for the EC-12 Music certification exam. You can find this website at https://www.tmea.org/divisions-regions/college/texes-review.

4-8 Mathematics Preparation (from the University of Houston)

The University of Houston has created a website to help students preparing for the 4-8 Mathematics certification exam. Individuals can take as few or as many quizzes as they want, in any order, depending on the content which they need to practice. The quizzes are graded automatically as soon as they are submitted, and people have the option to take each quiz again and again. Most of the quiz questions are programmed so that the numbers are different each time that the quiz is taken, allowing people to practice the same content without repeating the exact same problems.

A discussion board has been set up so that users can ask others how to solve quiz problems, and also lend their expertise on topics which they have mastered.

You can find this website at https://online.math.uh.edu/texes4to8/.

LOTE – Languages Other Than English and Foreign Language Education Resources

LOTE Resources: SEDL worked to develop these materials for LOTE. Dr. Everling recommends going through their training modules.

Teaching a Foreign Language:

American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (https://www.actfl.org):

National Capital Language Resource Center:

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