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Dr. David Hoe

My overall research interests are in the area of computer engineering, with a focus on integrated circuit (IC) design and high performance computation. Much of my current research is in the area of nanoelectronics. Microelectronics has been the main enabler of this information technology era. The ability to fabricate millions, even billions of electronic devices (e.g., transistors) on a single silicon microchip has revolutionized our lives, from the low power microprocessors in your tablet and smart phone to the electronics in the embedded systems in your automobile. Some exciting developments in the semiconductor research have allowed transistors to be fabricated with dimensions in the nanometer scale. Hence we are entering the era of nanoscale electronics.

The following synopses highlight some of the specific areas that I am doing research on.

Undergraduate students have made some important contributions to my research. View a summary of my past projects and future opportunities for research.

The SPEA Computer Engineering Laboratory is fully equipped with state-of-the art computers, reconfigurable computing platforms, and test equipment for doing advanced research in high-performance computation and nanoscale circuit.

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