UT Tyler College of Engineering

Faculty Research

Research opportunities are available for undergraduates as well as graduate students. Current engineering research funding includes grants from several sources. Other research is supported by private industry and the college.

Dr. David M. Beams
Medical electronic systems; power electronics; instrumentation systems; linear and nonlinear electronics; semiconductor devices.

Dr. Hassan El-Kishky
Electromagnetic fields; high voltage phenomena; lightning; numerical methods; neural networks modeling and application.

Dr. Ron J. Pieper
Semiconductor device modeling; engineering optics; thermal imaging; acousto-optic diffraction; optical fibers; heat transfer in cooling fins.

Dr. Mukul V. Shirvaikar
Real time systems; image and signal processing; robotics and computer vision; system-on-a-chip design; pattern recognition; neural networks; medical imaging; engineering education.

Dr. Hector Ochoa
Radar systems, digital signal processing, Doppler effect, electromagnetic waveforms.

Dr. Melvin Robinson
Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Numerical Optimization, Image and Signal Processing.