UT Tyler

Employee Handbook

Office of Human Resources

Introduction To The University Of Texas At Tyler Employee Handbook

At The University of Texas at Tyler, our employees are our most valuable asset and I am pleased that you have joined us. This university is growing in stature as well as size and there is much that must be done. Consequently, I believe your work will be challenging and satisfying and all of us look forward to your contributions as a member of the U. T. Tyler family of employees.

Everyone's job is important and functionally interrelated to other jobs within the university. A positive attitude and full commitment to cooperation with fellow employees are absolutely essential. Each employee provides a service that directly or indirectly affects students, other employees and the public. Your initiative, responsibility and consideration are important as we strive to excel in providing the best quality education and educational support possible.

This handbook is a summary of U.T. Tyler's policies, benefits and services. It has been prepared to serve as a reference source for questions you may have. For more detailed information related to all U.T. Tyler policies, benefits and services, you should consult the U.T. Tyler Handbook of Operating Procedures and any additional departmental policies and procedures. In addition, please feel free to ask your supervisor, or contact Human Resources at extension 7234 for further information or clarification if you still have questions.

I truly wish you success and satisfaction in your employment with The University of Texas at Tyler.


Michael Tidwell


1. Mission Statement

48. Performance Appraisals

2. History of UT Tyler

49. Sexual Harassment

3. Equal Employment Opportunity

50. Violence in the Workplace

4. Americans With Disability Act of 1990

51. Weapons at Work

5. Appointments

52. Institutional Compliance

6. Security Sensitive Policy

53. Teachers Retirement

7. Orientation for New Employees

54. Social Security

8. Mandatory Employee Training

55. Tax Sheltered Annuity

9. Probationary Period

56. Deferred Compensation

10. Job Classification

57. Workers' Compensation Insurance

11. Salaries

58. Unemployment Compensation Insurance

12. Payday

59. Savings Bonds

13. Payroll Deduction

60. Insurance Programs

14. Hours of Work

61. Premium Sharing

15. Identification Card/Parking Permit

62. Holidays

16. Check Out Procedure

63. Vacation

17. Re-Employment

64. Sick Leave

18. Internal Job Opportunities

65. Sick Leave Pool

19. Salary Increases

66. Leave Without Pay

20. Merit Increase

67. Leave of Absence Without Pay

21. Resignations

68. Volunteer Fire Fighter Leave

22. Abandonment of Position

69. Military Leave

23. Reduction in Force

70. Disaster Relief Leave

24. Overtime Policy

71. Employee Scholarships

25. Changes of Employee Information

72. Dependent Child Scholarships

26. Conditions and Regulations Form

73. Jury/Witness Duty

27. Outside Employment

74. Funeral Leave/Emergency Leave

28. Employment of Relatives (Nepotism)

75. Family and Medical Leave Act

29. State Property

76. Return to Work

30. Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act

77. Break Periods

31. Solicitation

78. Safety and Health

32. Telephone Usage

79. Voting Absence

33. Smoking

80. Parent-Teacher Conference Leave

34. Confidential Information

81. Parental Leave

35. Accidents/Incidents

82. Training

36. Employee Assistance Program

83. Exercise Facilities

37. Alcoholic Beverages and Controlled Substance

84. Library

38. Drugs and Alcohol Policy

85. Traffic and Parking

39. Safety Management Program

86. Police Department

40. Mail

87. Dining Facilities

41. Attendance

88. Bulletin Boards

42. Departmental Rules

89. Bookstore

43. Disciplinary Statement

90. Cowan Center for the Performing Arts

44. Appeals

91. Online Compliance Training

45. Grievance Procedure

92. Questions

46. Probationary Employees


47. Copying Procedure


UT Tyler