Financial Aid

General Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid Semester Enrollment Status

Students should verify minimum enrollment requirements for each federal, state, OR institutional financial aid program that is awarded.

Undergraduate Enrollment Status


12+ semester credit hours

Three-Quarter Time

9-11 semester credit hours


6-8 semester credit hours

Less than Half-Time

3-5 semester credit hours


Graduate Enrollment Status


9+ semester credit hours


6-8 semester credit hours

Less than Half-Time

3-5 semester credit hours


Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment at an area junior/community college will only be accepted for Federal Pell Grant funding if the student has completed an Undergraduate Transient Form and had it approved by UT Tyler’s Registrar’s Office. This must be done for each semester of concurrent enrollment by the award confirmation date. In addition, the junior/community college’s Financial Aid Office must supply UT Tyler’s Financial Aid Office with a Concurrent Enrollment Form, indicating the number of credit hours the student is enrolled and that the student will not receive any financial aid funding from their institution. Please note that the confirmation of enrollment at the junior/community college cannot be done prior to the census date for that institution.

Colleges approved for Joint Baccalaureate Studies (JBS) at UT Tyler include Kilgore College, Panola College in Carthage, Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Tyler Junior College, Jacksonville College, Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, Navarro College in Corsicana, Paris Junior College, Northeast Texas Community College in Mt. Pleasant, and the Dallas County Community College District.

Transient Students

Students pursuing degrees at other colleges and/or universities who wish to take courses at UT Tyler may be admitted as “transient” students. Transient students are not eligible for Financial Aid from UT Tyler, but could be eligible from their degree granting institution. Funding for transient enrollment is at the discretion of the degree granting institution. Students should check with the Financial Aid Office at the degree-granting institution for details prior to enrolling at UT Tyler.

 Emergency Loans

Emergency loans are available to any student. Emergency loans cover the expenses for tuition and fees as well as housing and meal plans paid to UT Tyler. Tests, books, supplies, insurance or other expenses are not covered by the emergency loan.

Students may sign up in the myUTTyler Student Center by choosing 'Finances' and 'Enroll in a Payment Plan.

An origination fee of 1.25% is charged on all emergency loans and the loan must be repaid in full by the below due dates. Dropping classes does not cancel the obligation to repay an emergency loan.

Steps to enroll in the Emergency Loan on myUTTyler

1. Log on to the web at myUTTyler

2. Enter your Patriot username and password (same as your student email).

3. Go the the Student Home Page tab.

4. Go to Student Center under the System Access pagelet.

5. Scroll down to the Finances section.

6. Choose Charges Due then click the double arrow circle.

7. All your due dates will show on the next screen along with details of your bill.