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Funding Your Success Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is full-time attendance required? Must students earn 30 semester credit hours to continue to be eligible?

Full-time attendance (12 semester credit hours) is required, and students must earn 30 semester credit hours per year. We recommend 15 semester credit hours per term.

  • Are independent students included?

Independent students are also included, provided they meet all other requirements.

  • Are transfer students eligible or only incoming freshmen?

The Pathway program is available to incoming freshmen only.

  • Who is eligible for Pathway?

Eligible students must be first-time freshmen, Texas residents, meet UT Tyler admissions requirements, complete all required financial aid documentation and enroll in a minimum of 12 semester credit hours at UT Tyler each fall and spring.

  • What are the minimum academic requirements (grade point average) for eligibility?

Initially, the only academic requirements are our admission requirements. Renewal requires that students maintain a cumulative 2.0 or higher grade point average at UT Tyler.

  • Is the guarantee limited to 4 years?

Pathway is for up to 4 consecutive years.

  • Approximately how many students would be involved in the first year?

We anticipate approximately 74 students.

  • When does Pathway start?

It begins in fall 2007.

  • How much does Pathway cover?

The program covers tuition and mandatory fees. Other fees, books, housing and meal charges may be covered by other financial aid opportunities.

  • What is tuition at UT Tyler?

Estimated tuition and fees for 15 semester credit hours at UT Tyler are $3,161.

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