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HUB Policies and Procedures

Office of Financial Services

Policy Statement

A. Purpose: It is the policy of UT Tyler to promote full and equal opportunity for all businesses to provide materials, supplies and equipment, as well as construction, professional and other services needed to support the mission, administrative and logistical operations of UT Tyler.

B. Scope: This policy applies to all procurement and contract activities of UT Tyler.

C. Definitions: "Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)" means a business enterprise:

  • That is independently owned and operated in the State of Texas, formed for the purpose of making a profit.
  • At least 51% of which is owned or controlled by one or more persons who is/are socially and economically disadvantaged because of his or her identification as a member of certain groups, including women, Black Americans, Mexican Americans and other Americans of Hispanic origin, Asian Americans and American Indians.

UT Tyler Responsibilities

  • Prepare, publicize and distribute information about procurement procedures and policies in a manner designed to encourage minority and female-owned small businesses to do business with UT Tyler.
  • Maintain updated lists of minority and female-owned small businesses through communication with the UT Tyler local minority business community, Texas Procurement and Support Services and the Texas Department of Economic Development.
  • Ensure, whenever possible, that one or more qualified minority and female-owned small business is included in solicitations requiring more than one bid or proposal.
  • Specify personnel within the office or department to communicate with minority and female-owned small businesses to assist such companies in understanding purchasing procedures and to encourage their bidding or submitting proposals on goods and services for which they are qualified.
  • Match HUB vendors with UT Tyler staff through one-on-one assistance, periodic training and HUB vendor presentations.

  • Form a Staff Coordinating Group for HUB Programs.
  • Implement and administer a Mentor Protégé Program.
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