UT Tyler


Director's Welcome

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the University of Texas at Tyler's Global Awareness Through Education (GATE) Program. GATE offers students a unique opportunity to begin a journey of engagement with the world. GATE students take a series of intriguing and challenging core courses which broaden their understanding of global issues. Each semester, the program offers numerous opportunities to encounter the world outside of class as well. GATE students take field trips, converse with world-renowned international speakers, and meet visitors from other countries. Most importantly, GATE includes a travel study the summer after the sophomore year. This experience of living and learning in a different culture broadens the minds and hearts of our students in very real and tangible ways.

Speaking personally, my own life changed significantly when I spent time on a travel study in my third year at college. The time I spent abroad was a very real reminder that my own perspective—and that of my culture—was not the only one that mattered. On that travel study I made connections with ideas and people that still affect my personal and professional life today. As director of the program, I know that GATE, as its name suggests, can be the doorway to a new understanding of the world. I hope you will consider joining us on this journey.

Please feel free to visit or contact us with any questions you have about the GATE Program.


Paul D. Streufert, Ph.D.

UT Tyler