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What are the required GATE courses?

Here is a complete list of all required GATE courses.

What if I already have dual credit for GATE courses?

Students who have dual/AP credit can still participate in GATE by completing a minimum of five GATE courses at UT Tyler and/or GATE projects.

How much does the GATE program cost?

GATE students will incur no cost other than standard tuition and fees for the fall and spring semesters during the freshman and sophomore years. Costs associated with the five-week study abroad experience will vary year to year depending on the international location. Students are responsible for their meals, entertainment, souvenirs and misc. items. You can visit numbeo.com to see the cost of living in various cities around the world. Students are also responsible for the six credits of tuition for the core courses taken abroad. These are courses students would be required to take in order to graduate. UT Tyler will cover airfare, accommodations and on-site excursions.

Do I have to live on campus as part of the GATE program?

No, you don't have to live on campus as part of the GATE program.

Can I choose the location of the trip?

No, the destinations are already picked out for each incoming cohort of students.

How can I afford this trip?

As part of the two-year GATE program, we educate students on budgeting and fundraising in order to pay for their trip. There are also scholarships which can help cover the cost of the trip.

Does GATE have grade requirements in order to stay in the program?

Yes, you must keep your GPA at or above a 2.00.

Do I have to have my passport before I join GATE?

No, you will be required to obtain a passport before the second year of the program. For more information on passports please visit the Office of International Programs Passport Acceptance Facility web page or email: passport@uttyler.edu.

Are there mandatory events for the GATE program?

Not specific events, but participation in service learning and cultural events is mandatory as per the point system.

Do I have to be a freshman in order to join GATE?

Not necessarily, as a sophomore you can transfer into GATE if there are open spots available.

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