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Program Overview

Global Awareness Through Education (GATE) is a two-year global awareness program designed for incoming freshmen. GATE students take enhanced core curriculum classes and participate in on- and off-campus activities that are globally engaging and culturally diverse. GATE offers freshman and sophomore students the knowledge, skills and ways of thinking necessary to succeed in our increasingly global community.

GATE is made up of three major components:

Core Curriculum

All UT Tyler students are required to complete the university core curriculum in order to graduate. The core curriculum consists of 14 classes, including English, political science, history, math, science and other courses. Instead of completing the traditional core curriculum, GATE students will be enrolled in GATE-specific sections of 10 core curriculum courses that have been redesigned with a global focus.

GATE students will enroll in two GATE courses each fall and spring semester of their freshman and sophomore years, and will complete the remaining two courses while studying abroad during the summer after their sophomore year.

Cultural Activities

All GATE students will participate in on- and off-campus cultural activities including: a global lecture series, international film festival, concerts and service opportunities. Other off-campus trips will be offered to museums and live performances.

Study Abroad

The GATE program culminates in a five-week study abroad experience the summer after the sophomore year. GATE students will travel to an international location to complete the final two core curriculum courses and to explore the culture and beauty of the host country.

The first group of GATE students traveled to Japan in the summer of 2013. In 2014, the second group of GATE students traveled to Brazil and Argentina. In 2015, the third group of GATE students will travel to Italy. In 2016, the fourth group will travel to Ghana. In 2017, the fifth group will travel to Vietnam. Courses will be taught by UT Tyler faculty, and UT Tyler administrators will be onsite to coordinate events and activities for students. Please note that a passport is required for international travel.

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