UT Tyler

UT Tyler Division of Geography

Georgraphy Courses

GEOG 1313:World Regional Geography [TCCN: GEOG 1303] Analyzes cultural patterns in terms of physical, locational, social and economic processes. World regions are described and compared.

GEOG 3320: Physical Geography Provides students the opportunity to acquire a general understanding of physical systems that affect the environment. Relationships among climate, landforms, soils and vegetation will be presented in a geographical perspective.

GEOG 3325: North American Geography Landscapes of the United States and Canada will be surveyed through a regional approach with emphasis on land use patterns, population dynamics, resources and spatial interactions.

GEOG 4310: Geography of Europe A regional analysis of the geographic features of Europe which have affected its history and culture such as the physical landscape, climatology, and built environment. This course includes a geographic study of cities, ethnic relations and disputes, geolinguistics and politics, demography, industry, and history. Prerequisite: GEOG 1313 or CI.

GEOG 4330: Geographic Information Systems Fundamentals of geographic information systems, including data capture, storage, processing, and output. Applications to various problems in the natural and social sciences. Extended computer access fee $20. Equipment fee $15

GEOG 4360: Cartography and Remote Sensing Map interpretations and construction and applications of geographic information systems and remote sensing methods. Prerequisite: three hours of geography or consent of instructor.

GEOG 4365: Topics in Geography Studies in geography to include such topics as historical geography, economic geography, and cultural geography. May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.

GEOG 4199-4699: Independent Study Independent study in specific areas of Geography not covered by organized undergraduate courses. A maximum of six credit hours for independent study course may be applied toward an undergraduate degree. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair required