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Graduate Student Alumni Spotlight


Dennis LiuStudent Name: Zhikun (Dennis) Liu

Program: Mathematics

Graduated: May 2012

Employer: Texas Tech University

Position: Associate Instructor and Ph.D. Student in Personal Financial Planning Department

What attracted you to this field?

I would like to improve my critical thinking skills and consolidate my mathematical foundations for interdisciplinary research and teaching.

Why did you choose to attend UT Tyler?

Tyler is one of the best cities I have ever lived in terms of beautiful environment and friendly people. The faculties and staff here at UT Tyler are very kind and helpful. It is a great place for studying and living.  

What do you like most about UT Tyler?

I like the gorgeous campus with nice facilities. But what I like the most are the inspiring professors and warm hearted people.

What are your career aspirations?

After I finish my last graduate degree – Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning in about one year, I would like to be a university professor teaching and conducting research in the related field and possibly come back to teach at UT Tyler.

What's your work experience?

I have taught a number of college classes in Math, Econ and Personal Finance fields, including:

Texas Tech University

•          PFP 5341, Economic Principles of Financial Decision Making

•          PFI 4361, Personal Finance: Advanced Topics in Case Studies

•          PFP 3301, Personal and Family Finance

•          PFI 3341, Financial Goal Strategies

Oklahoma State University

•          ECON 1113, Economics of Social Issues

University of Texas at Tyler

•          MATH 1314, College Algebra

•          MATH 1342, Statistics

•          MATH 2113, Calculus I Lab

•          MATH 2114, Calculus II Lab

Do you have any advice to pass along to other students interested in this program?

Mathematics is hard to learn. But the outcome is very rewarding. It helps you to think logically and critically and lays a good foundation for many other disciplines. The skill set you acquire throughout the learning process not only opens many doors for your career, but also benefits you for the rest of your life. And do not worry, you are not doing this along. There are always wonderful people who are ready to help and work with you. Sooner or later, you will start to enjoy this program and miss it when you leave.

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