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Meet a Current Computer Science MS Student 

Current Profile

Student Name: Spoorthy Baddam

Program: Computer Science MS

Employer: UT Tyler Graduate Admissions Office

Position: Graduate Assistant and International Ambassador 

What attracted you to this field? 

My Major in undergrad was Electronics and Communication where I had a few software related courses and I found those subjects fascinating so I thought a Masters program in CS department would help me to quench my thirst for knowledge in this field. There are a wide range of job opportunities for Computer Science majors and they are even getting paid very well.

Why did you choose UT Tyler? 

After an adequate research on the universities before I applied for my Masters program, my seniors as well as friends recommended me to choose UT Tyler as the curriculum of the courses offered at this university are similar to my area of interests. I am endlessly curious in learning new subjects and one among my major area of interests is the Databases subject which conveyed a positive feedback from the students who pursued databases course under Dr. Brown at UT Tyler. Believe me he is the best at his profession in my regard, the knowledge which I gained under his teaching techniques is enormous.

At UT Tyler the tuition fee is very low and affordable when compared with the other universities in Texas, scholarships are awarded to the qualified students which makes them eligible for paying in state tuition fee. So, basically the above reasons which I mentioned are the primary concerns of most of the students who would like to study abroad, which made me choose UT Tyler to pursue my Masters.

What do you like most about UT Tyler? 

I like the environment on campus and the atmosphere in the classrooms. The professors and their dedication towards their students, Library (it's like my second home in Tyler), Gym, Cowan Center, the financial aid, the internships, on campus jobs and finally what I love the most is everyone in my team at work - The Office of Graduate Admissions team.

What are your career aspirations? 

My career aspiration right now is to finish my Masters with a good GPA and to earn a job in a respected organization where I'll get a chance to enrich my professional skills and enhance my knowledge. I prefer to become a Database Administrator.

What's your work experience? 

Well! I have been working as a Graduate Assistant/ International Ambassador in the Office of Graduate Admissions since May 2013 and my piece of work is to maintain the social networking websites of my University. My work experience has been so good so far. Everybody at my office are kind and sweet and they help me to the max and I've learnt so much by working in such kind of environment which I think would be so helpful when I start a professional career.

Do you have any advice to pass along to other students interested in this program? 

Yes, I do! Guys, never expect your course work to be easy! You have to work hard on your assignments and tests to make good grades. On the contrary, life in the US is not so peaceful as it seems to be on the other end because you will have to cook, study, take care of yourself and manage so many things (multi-tasking) but if you adapt yourselves to this system then believe me you will shine.

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