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Electrical Engineering MS

Sreenidhi VedarthamMy name is Sreenidhi Vedartham and I’m an Electrical Engineering graduate alumni from The University of Texas at Tyler. When I first heard about UT Tyler, I was encouraged by my uncle to apply because they offer help for international students in every way. I reached out to the Office of Graduate Admissions and spoke to several Graduate Assistants and Dr. Alecia Wolf, The Assistant Dean, who patiently explained every detail of the application process and the extra questions I had regarding the program. Then I got the admission and came to Texas on January 1st 2015.

As I entered my first semester, I was scared. This was a whole new set up from what I was used to. I had several doubts on whether I could go through this program or not. I was nervous. Then I met the professors. The first lectures I sat in, I felt lost. I had to concentrate really hard in class. My peers were very studious and I was motivated. When I took the first test, I am not ashamed to admit I cried thinking I did not do good.

I remember my first class was with Dr. Kishky. His class is always fun. He asks a lot of questions and encourages the students to ask questions too.  He would always welcome students in the office anytime to answer any questions. Dr. Pieper and Dr. Shirvaikar too. This is one of the main reasons I was glad I chose UT Tyler. The small student attendance in the class leads to more time with the professor. The students get more personal attention from the faculty. The labs and the projects prepare the student for the industry. Mr. Robinson took an online class that introduced students to Pattern Recognition course which used Python to program. Now I know a new programming language.

The professors are highly qualified in their field and they take time to explain and clarify every topic clearly. The online classes are on par with the face-to-face classes. The good thing about the online course is that it was live and we could clarify our doubts at once. We were even asked to contact the professor, who was very active when answering questions at any time of the day. I am happy with my courses and the professors here as I’ve been given guidance and encouragement every step of the way.

After graduation, I know I’ll be prepared for the work force thanks to my faculty and staff who’ve walked the whole way holding my hand. And I know I owe my success to the professors, who encourage and help the students in any way they can.

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