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Graduate Curriculum

Submission Instructions: Once forms are approved at the college level, they must be submitted electronically to the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Chair of the Graduate Council. In addition, one hard copy with approval signatures should be sent by campus mail to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Downloading Instructions: Instructions for completing curriculum forms below: Save the form to your desktop; open the form and click on "lock box" in bottom toolbar to open or close the form; the open form allows data to be entered and pull down menus to operate; to save data to the form lock the lockbox; save the completed form to your files; to begin a new curriculum proposal save a new form to desktop.

New Courses/Course Changes
The following forms are to be used to propose new courses, delete existing courses, or make changes to existing courses such as number of hours, or changes to title, description, prerequisites, co-requisites, etc.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: All new course proposals must include Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment methods. How to write and assess SLOs.

All Curriculum Forms are located on the Academic Affairs Curriculum Process website under Curriculum Forms on the left menu.

Program Changes
The New Program/ Program Change Form should accompany all changes to existing degree programs such as changes in admission or completion requirements, core courses, hours, new tracks, etc.

New Degree Proposal
If you have approval from the Provost to propose a new degree program, you will need to download THECB New Program Request Form for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. You are encoruaged to work with the Dean of Graduate Studies as you prepare the proposal, particularly as you work on the budget. (Only new graduate engineering programs and new Ph.D. proposals require preliminary authority--contact the Dean of Graduate Studies.) When submitting a new degree proposal to the Graduate Council, please include the following documents:

New Graduate Certificate Programs
Proposals for new graduate certificate programs must use the Graduate Certificate Proposal Outline accompanied by THECB's form for New Certificate Programs. All certificate proposals should be submitted with a Graduate New Program/ Program Change Form