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Milestone Forms

The Ph.D. has several milestones to be met in order to achieve suitable academic progress toward the degree and attain candidacy. Milestone Forms should be completed by academic advisors at the first orientation meeting. Advisors will provide the student with a copy and retain a copy for their records to facilitate ongoing advising throughout the program. The Graduate School does not require a copy of the milestone agreement form.

Dissertation Defense and Approval Process Checklist

Dissertation Process - Faculty

Dissertation Process - Student

STUDENTS: Although most of these forms are initiated by your committee chair or program director, YOU are responsible for ensuring that forms are filed in a timely manner.

Listed below are forms that are required to be submitted to The Graduate School by the program coordinator during the student's tenure at UT Tyler. After filling out the form online, print it off, sign it as required, and submit it to The Graduate School.

Report of the Preliminary Exam

Used to report the results of Prelims to The Graduate School and to certify advancement to candidacy.

Appointment of Thesis/Dissertation Committee
Used to nominate members of the student's thesis/dissertation committee. Committee membership must be approved by the Dean of The Graduate School. Students will not be allowed to register in thesis/dissertation hours until the approved form is on file with The Graduate School. 

Change of Thesis/Dissertation Committee
Used to change membership of an existing committee. Committee membership must be approved by the Dean of The Graduate School.

Notice of Oral Defense
Used to set the date for the Oral Defense. Must be submitted to The Graduate School along with a complete draft of the dissertation (electronic version, not hard copy) no later than 10 working days before the proposed date of the Oral Defense. Also used by the Graduate School Dean to select a representative of the Graduate Faculty to attend the Oral Defense.

Oral Defense Report
This form certifies that the student has successfully defended an acceptable dissertation. Form must be submitted to The Graduate School within 5 working days of the completion of the final Oral Defense.

Graduate School Representative Doctoral Defense Form

To be Submitted by Student

Survey of Earned Doctorates
Click to open the Survey of Earned Doctorates web site. Open the correct pdf form, fill it out, print it and submit it.

The following forms are to be used by doctoral students in specific situations.

Request for Extension
Used to request an extension of graduation date. An extension will be granted for no more than two consecutive semesters (including summer) at a time.

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