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UT Tyler Graduate Online Degree Programs and Certifications

Graduate Programs

UT Tyler's Online Graduate Degree Programs and Certifications

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  • Looking for an accredited graduate degree that you can work on at home?
  • Would you like to move up the career ladder or find a new and exciting career, without having to relocate?
  • Would you like to earn a graduate degree with the prestigious University of Texas name on it?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of those questions, then The University of Texas at  Tyler is where you should start. UT Tyler offers online graduate degree programs just for busy people like yourself.

Get started right at home with an online graduate degree program from The University of Texas at Tyler. In the end you'll have a degree with a respected name – The University of Texas – on it.

UT Tyler offers several career-enhancing, affordable online graduate degree programs that are flexible enough to easily fit into your busy schedule. Click on the links below for information about each program.

Arts and Sciences

The Master of Arts degree in English UT Tyler provides exciting opportunities for study in the fields of literature, writing, and rhetoric. Its mission is to graduate students who have mastered advanced skills in critical thinking, textual interpretation, rigorous researching, and analytical writing. The online English graduate program offers students a deepened understanding of literature's cultural intellectual legacy, the ability to write well and with discernment, and the skills needed to effectively acquire knowledge and to communicate ideas in preparation for employment or doctoral study. The online English master's program can be completed 100% online, 100% face-to-face, or a combination of the two.

Nursing and Kinesiology

The Ph.D. in Nursing is offered entirely online with the exception of a five-day orientation each summer prior to beginning coursework. With a focus on health in communities within the context of culture, the PhD in Nursing offered by UT Tyler is unique among doctoral programs in Texas and the United States. The program, built on a model of strengths, enables nurses to study in the communities in which they reside while preparing them to serve as nurse leaders and researchers who impact health locally and translate research findings globally.

The Master of Science in Nursing degrees are completely online for working nurses whose schedules make it difficult to pursue an advanced degree. All nursing degrees are accredited by the Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas and the Collegiate Commission on Nursing Education. Skilled nurse-educators are in demand to train not only student nurses but also practicing nurses, consumers, patients and others. When you earn a master's in nursing education online from The University of Texas at Tyler, you will be ready to fill this important and growing role in health care. There are a number of tracks available: Nursing Education, Nursing Administration, Nurse Practioner (hybrid), and Nursing MSN - MBA

  • Earn your master's degree while you continue working full-time in your nursing position.
  • Develop a sound foundation that prepares you to sit for the national certification exam.
  • Gain a strong foundation for doctoral studies or for career advancement.

Graduates of the UT Tyler MSN program in nursing education fill many positions in universities, community colleges, government agencies and clinical facilities.

Business and Human Resource Development

Our MBA Online has won national recognition from numerous organizations, including the U.S. Distance Learning Association's Excellence in Distance Learning Programming – Higher Education Award. The program is a non-thesis program designed for graduates from recognized colleges of business as well as graduates in liberal arts, science, engineering, or other fields desiring to undertake professional studies in the area of business administration. This degree can be completed face-to-face or online. We also offer the Business Administration with a specialization in Healthcare Management MBA online.

The MBA with a Specialization in Healthcare Management  is 100% online, offered in 7 week semesters, and offers the flexibility to fit your lifestyle. Many students prefer to vary their course schedules depending on their current work and/or family obligations.

  • Students who attend full-time (two courses per each 7 week session) can complete the program in 12 months
  • Students who attend part-time (one course per each 7 week session) can complete the program in 24 months

The MBA with a Specialization in Healthcare Management MBA is not currently available to international students.

Delivered face-to-face or 100% online, our Master's in Industrial Management delves into the quality management methods of Six Sigma, the renowned business management strategy that originated at Motorola USA and the emergence of "lean manufacturing." You'll complete just 12 intensive, research-oriented classes to earn your degree ; no thesis is required. Students gain hands-on experience in industrial management through Systems Integration Management (SIM) courses and the processes and materials course at UT Tyler, while studying in a state-of-the-art manufacturing laboratory using the latest equipment and software.

A master's degree in Human Resource Development, one of the hottest careers today, is offered specifically for working adults. The program is available online, face-to-face, or a combination of both. Human Resource Development (HRD) is a process of developing human expertise through organization development and personnel training and development so that individual improvement enhances corporate performance. Careers in this field are available in business, nonprofit, educational, and governmental settings.

Education and Psychology

The Master of Arts in School Counseling online program can be completed in 1 ½ years with an overall cost of $7500. We pride ourselves in having one of the best programs in Texas with a consistent 100% pass rate on the TExES exam. This program also offers a unique opportunity for students to obtain the knowledge necessary for effectively addressing the needs of Hispanic students and their families.

The new online Master's in Curriculum and Instruction is designed so students can complete the program in 5 semesters, with many courses being offered online. This degree provides students a variety of cognate options: Early Childhood, STEM, Special Education, ELL/Bilingual, Reading, or another content area. You have a choice of cognates: Early Childhood Education, Special Education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), ELL/Bilingual, Reading, or a Single Content Area.

If you choose either the Early Childhood Education or the Special Education cognate, all your classes will be entirely online, and you will be eligible for a special reduced tuition rate. (Traditional, face-to-face courses taken toward the degree do not receive discounted tuition and fees.)

Our online Master's of Education in Educational Leadership can be completed in 1 ½ years or less, and the TExES passing rates exceed 95%, and the total program costs are approximately $6250. This program is for Texas Educators only. Prerequisites: Bachelor's Degree, Texas Resident, Teaching in Texas (public, private or charter PK-12), Certified Teacher in Texas.

The Master's Of Education in Reading is 100% online and offer three tracks to match your career goals:

  • Master's Degree in Reading with a Reading Specialist Certificate (30 Credit Hours). Must complete requirements within six calendar years.
  • Reading Specialist Certificate Only. Requires two years of classroom teaching experience, a standard teaching certificate, a master's degree, completion of required coursework, and state examination.
  • Master Reading Teacher Certificate. Requires three years of classroom teaching experience, a standard teaching certificate, a master's degree, completion of required coursework, and state examination.

The Online Master's Degree in Special Education is designed to provide opportunities for academic and practicum experiences for attaining a variety of professional objectives. The Master of Education degree program is designed to fulfill academic requirements for certification as an educational diagnostician

Online Graduate Certificate Programs

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers the Nursing Education Certificate  and Post-Family Nurse Practitioner Although the PFNP program is not totally online, 6 of these hours are offered online with the remainder 18 hours of clinical courses offered in a web-enhanced format requiring some class time on the Tyler campus.

The new online Post-Baccalaureate program with Teacher Certification is designed so students can complete the program in 13 months, including student teaching. Much of the content will be provided through modules rather than through credit-hour courses. However, participants will earn 6-9 hours of graduate credit toward a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. The cost of this program is competitive with other alternative route programs, with the added benefit of earning initial certification through a highly-acclaimed program within the University of Texas system.

The Educational Diagnostician Certificate requires a valid Texas teaching certificate, two years of classroom teaching experience, an earned master's degree, and successful completion of the TExES examination for certification. Emphasis in educational diagnosis provides the student with the opportunity to assess the competencies of individuals in language, sociological , physical, and behavioral/emotional areas, intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior, and educational performance using informal and formal measures, and prescribe individualized education plans based on test results. The educational diagnostician certificate

The Standard Principal Certification is an online twenty-two (22) hour graduate program. Course work includes a concentration study in public school leadership and administration, and internships. You must already hold a master's degree to apply to this program. This program is for Texas Educators only.

  • Masters's Degree
  • Texas Resident
  • Teaching in Texas (public, private or charter PK-12)
  • Certified Teacher in Texas

The Superintendent Certification is a 15-semester-hour program that requires:

  1. holding a Standard Principal, Mid-Management, or other Texas Administrator Certification
  2. completion of the specified course sequence within six years; and
  3. satisfactory performance on the appropriate TExES exam.

You must already hold a master's degree to apply to this program. This program is for Texas Educators only.

  • Masters's Degree
  • Midmanagement or Standard Principal Certification
  • Texas Resident, Teaching or an Administrator in Texas (public, private or charter PK-12)

Executive Format Programs

While not 100% online, the Health Care Administration track of the MPA and Human Resource Development PhD programs are offered in an executive format, which means students only meet face-to-face several times a semester rather than weekly. These programs are not open to students on an F-1 visa.