Graduate International Student Admissions

Concurrent Enrollment


Students can maintain F-1 status by completing courses concurrently at another institution while remaining on a UT Tyler Form I-20 if they meet all the requirements listed on the Concurrent Enrollment Form.

Application Process

  1. Identify possible concurrent courses.
  • At least half of the F-1 required hours must be taken at UT Tyler. This means graduate students must take at least 5 hours at UT Tyler.
  • Only one online course can apply to those required hours.
  • Verify with your UT Tyler academic advisor that the courses meet your degree requirements.
  • Submit a Concurrent Enrollment Form to Graduate Admissions before the Census Date of each semester in which you are concurrently enrolled. Receive approval from the graduate international student advisor with a signature on the form.
  • Enroll and complete the approved concurrent courses.
  • Provide documentation to Graduate Admissions that you completed the approved concurrent courses to meet F-1 enrollment requirements. The most convenient source for most students in an online grade report.
  • Arrange for the transfer of credit to UT Tyler by completing the Graduate Transfer Credit Approval Form.
  • Consult other campus offices to determine if reducing your hours at UT Tyler will affect other areas, including scholarships, TA/RA positions and campus housing.