Graduate International Student Admissions

Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is an employment experience which achieves a curricular academic objective. The experience is an integral part of the student’s established curriculum which is either required or for which the student receives academic credit, and the employment is related to the student’s program of study. CPT is available to F-1 students who have been enrolled full-time in a US university for at least one academic year.


  • Lawfully enrolled full-time in a US university for at least one academic year (two long semesters)
  • Valid F-1 status
  • Have a employment offer and department approval of internship proposal
  • Be enrolled in credit-earning internship course
  • Have not completed your degree requirements

Application Process

  1. Contact your academic department for information about the internship approval process.
  2. Obtain an internship/employment offer letter.
  3. Obtain department approval of internship and academic advisor’s signature on CPT Recommendation Form.
  4. Enroll in appropriate internship course.
  5. Submit CPT Recommendation Form and internship/employment offer letter to the Graduate International Student Admissions and Service office.
  6. Allow 3—5 business days to process your CPT I-20 request. The graduate international student advisor will email you when your CPT Form I-20 is available to be picked up.
  7. Pick up your CPT Form I-20. Authorization information will be noted on page three of your new Form I-20.
  8. Begin employment only on the CPT start date listed on your CPT Form I-20. Working prior to receiving your CPT Form I-20 is not permitted.
  • Your employment authorization is valid only for the dates and the employer listed on your CPT Form I-20. If your work dates change, you must update your Form I-20. If you are asked to return for a second semester, you must repeat the CPT authorization process and receive a new CPT Form I-20.


  • Full-time enrollment is required during fall and spring semesters and in the first semester of a new program unless the student is otherwise authorized for reduced enrollment by the graduate international student advisor.

CPT Limits

  • Only one CPT is authorized at a time.
  • CPT is authorized for only part-time (20 hours or less per week) during fall and spring semesters. CPT may be authorized either full-time or part-time during the summer session. Students in their final semester with reduced course loads may be authorized for either part-time or full-time CPT.
  • As long as you are making normal progress toward the completion of your degree, there is no immigration limit on the number of CPTs taken. If you have more than 364 days of full-time CPT, however, you lose eligibility for OPT.
  • Many UT Tyler academic departments limit the number of CPT internships available to you. Contact your academic advisor to determine how many internship courses are permitted in your program of study.