UT Tyler

UT Tyler Department of Health and Kinesiology

Faculty & Staff

Arturo Arce-Esquivel

Arturo Arce-Esquivel, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Office: HPC 2200B
Phone: 903.565.5838
Email: aarce@uttyler.edu

Areas of Specialization: Exercise Physiology, Cardiovascular Physiology, Vascular function in heath and disease


 Christina Balduf

Christina Balduf, MSHS, Academic Advisor II

Office: HPC 3080
Phone: 903.565.5926
Email: cbalduf@uttyler.edu


 Cheryl Cooper

Cheryl Cooper, Ph.D., MSN, RN, Associate Professor

Office: HPC 3100
Phone: 903.566.7263
Email: ccooper@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Community Health


 Reuben Cowan

Reuben Cowan, M.S., Lecturer

Office: HPC 3075
Phone: 903.566.7121
Email: rcowan@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Tests and Measurements; Sports Nutrition


Sarah Cowan

Sarah Cowan, Administrative Assistant

Office: HPC 3065
Phone: 903.566.7031
Email: scowan@uttyler.edu

 David Criswell

David Criswell, Ph.D., FACSM Professor and Chair

Office: HPC 3065
Phone: 903.566.7178
Email: dcriswell@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Physiology of Exercise, Skeletal Muscle Biology, Exercise-induced Cell Signaling


 Neil Dong

Neil Dong, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Office: HPC 2166
Phone: 903.565.5615
Email: ndong@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Biomechanics; Kinesiological Anatomy


 Jimi Francis

Jimi Francis, Ph.D., IBCLC, RLC, LD, RDN, Assistant Professor

Office: HPC 3100
Phone: 903.565.5522
Email: jfrancis@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Nutrition

 Timothy Lowe

Timothy Lowe, M.S., Lecturer

Office: HPC 3051
Phone: 903.565.5749
Email: tlowe@uttyler.edu

 Fletcher Njororai

Fletcher Njororai, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Office: HPC 3105
Phone: 903.566.7058
Email: fnjororai@uttyler.edu

 Wycliffe Njororai

Wycliffe Njororai, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Office: HPC 2200A
Phone: 903.565.5530
Email: wnjororai@uttyler.edu

 Leandra Phillips

Leandra Phillips, Academic Advisor

Office: HPC 3085
Phone: 903.565.5757
Email: lphillips@uttyler.edu

 John Sloan

John Sloan, Ph.D., Associate Clinical Professor

Office: HPC 3040
Phone: 903.566.7123
Email: jsloan@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Consumer Health; Health Care Delivery Systems; Needs, Processes & Outcomes


 William Sorensen

William Sorensen, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Office: HPC 3095
Phone: 903.566.7032
Email: wsorensen@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Epidemiology, Behavioral Health, Biostatistics, Human Diseases


 Scott Spier

Scott Spier, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Office: HPC 2186
Phone: 903.566.7427
Email: sspier@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Training Methods, Cardiorespiratory Exercise Physiology, Exercise Metabolism


 Benjamin Tseng

Benjamin Tseng,Ph.D., M.S., M.A., Assistant Professor

Office: HPC 2245
Phone: 903.566.7042
Email: btseng@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Integrative Physiology, Brain Aging, Motor Control and Motor Learning


 Michael Wiggs

Michael Wiggs, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Office: HPC 3045
Phone: 903.566.7306
Email: mwiggs@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Exercise Physiology, Skeletal Muscular Physiology

Retired Faculty

Joyce Ballard

Joyce Ballard, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Email: jballard@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Nutrition, Motor Development, Aging and Physical Performance


James Schwane

James Schwane, Ph.D., FACSM, Professor Emeritus

Email: jschwane@uttyler.edu

Area of Specialization: Physiology of Exercise; Exercise Prescription; Contemporary Issues in Health & Kinesiology