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Health and Kinesiology Faculty

Joyce  Ballard

Joyce  Ballard

Title: Professor of Health and Kinesiology
Department: Department of Health & Kinesiology
Building: Herrington Patriot Center
Phone: 903-566-7058


  • Post Doctorate - 1975                    
    University of Illinois; Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
    National Institute of Mental Health
  • Ph.D. - 1975                 
    University of Illinois; Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
    Majors:  Exercise Physiology/Statistics
  • M.A. - 1963            
    Kent State University; Kent, Ohio
    Major:  Kinesiology
  • B.Ed. -1961
    Greenville College; Greenville, Illinois
    Majors:  Mathematics/Physical Education
  • A.S. - 1959           
    Spring Arbor Junior College; Spring Arbor, Michigan
    Major:  Mathematics


Sample of Courses Taught

  • Nutrition in Health and Performance
  • Motor Development: A Lifespan Approach
  • Aging and Physical Performance—hands-on-experience for students working with older adults
  • Exercise for Special Populations                                        

Teaching Philosophy

            Across the years of my teaching, I have used a variety of methods in an attempt to motivate and challenge students of all ages to learn about improving their health and being physically active. As an exercise physiologist, I’ve wanted students to learn how the body works during acute exercise (short term) and chronic exercise (long term) and I’ve wanted them to be lifelong learners and exercisers.  I’ve wanted my students to gain skill in administering exercise tests to each other and outside participants, and to be able to accurately measure BP, HR, body composition, etc.

            Although I’ve taught a number of courses (both graduate and undergraduate) that included labs, I’ve also developed labs into the class schedule for courses that did not have a laboratory per se.   I thoroughly believe that students learn best from personal experience with learning materials.  To me a “picture or a hands on personal experience” is a more powerful learning tool than words. As a result of my belief, I have worked hard to include laboratory experiences into all of my courses.

            I have enjoyed teaching and have learned a great deal from my students and I hope, they have learned from me.  Since we are now in the technology age, my students have been a great help to me when technology does not seem to work in the classroom.  They seem to be able to easily rectify the problem and I am very appreciative of their help.  My greatest hope for students is that they will use their college experience for enriching their lives and while here will take full advantage of all campus life as well as their academic pursuits.


Research Interests

For the past 25 years, my research interests have been concentrated on the role of exercise and/or current medications on bone density in a variety of populations:

1)  Three ethnic groups of postmenopausal women: non-Hispanic whites,

     Hispanics, and blacks,

2)  A group of non-Hispanic white older men,

3)  A combined sample Varsity Tennis Players from The University of Texas

    at Tyler and Tyler Junior College (role of exercise only). 

Most recently, I have been studying the affects of weight training, aerobics and balance training upon the functional capacity of older adults (65+ year of age).


Research Funding

            In 2004, a bequest from the estate of a research client funded Osteoporosis Research at The University of Texas at Tyler with $95, 000. The use of this money has been invaluable in allowing this type of research to continue here.


Notable Academic Awards

2008  Ballard/McCoy Scholarship Funded for second generation students by The

Early morning Risers and the Osteoporosis Research Women’s Group. 

2005-2006 Nominee for the President’s Scholarly Achievement Award

2002-2003 The University of Texas Chancellor’s Council Outstanding Teaching Award

2000-2001 Alpha Chi Outstanding Teaching Award for The University of Texas at Tyler


Recent Publications

Cooper, CM, JE Ballard,. “Bone mineral in Hispanic women:  a review of the literature with implications for promoting culturally relevant osteoporosis education.” Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved., 22: (2) 450-468, 2011.

Ballard, JE, CM Cooper, MA Bone, GA Saade.  “Bone health in immigrant Hispanic women living in Texas.  Journal of Community Health   35 (5 ) 453-464, 2010. Article is OnLine First “Bone Health in Immigrant Hispanic Women living in Texas.” DOI10.1007/s10900-009-9201-5 (December 13, 2009).

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Ballard, J.E., C. McFarland, L. Wallace, D. Holiday, G. Roberson,. ”The effect of 15 weeks of fall-prevention exercise upon balance, lower extremity strength, and reduction in falls in 40 women, aged 65-89 years.” Journal  of American Medical Women’s Association. 59: 255-261, 2004.

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Ballard, J.E., L.S. Wallace, D.B. Holiday, C. Herron, L.L. Harrington, K.C. Mobbs, & P. Cussen, “Evaluation of differences in bone mineral density in 51 males, aged 65-93 years:  A cross-sectional study. “ Journal of Aging and Physical Activity.  11 (4):  470-486, 2003.


Recent Presentations made at National/**International Meetings * indicates student presented

*Roquemore, A.N., C.G., Sattershite, T.S. Marzilli, J.E. Ballard. “Effects of exercise training upon balance and functional assessments in community dwelling older adults.” Poster presentation at the National Meeting of American College of Sports Medicine, Denver, Co, June 4, 2011.

Ballard, J.E., CA, Cooper, DB Holiday. “Association between bone density and body composition in immigrant Hispanic women:  A cross sectional study.” Poster presentation at National Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, Baltimore MD, June 2, 2010.

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Ballard, J.E., C. McFarland, C Tibiletti, D. Dipaolo, G. Davis, P. Cussen & L. Wallace, “BMD measurements in 30 women with chronic neck pain:  A pilot study. “  Poster presentation at the National Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, Denver, CO, June 2006.

**Wallace, L.S., Keenum, A.J., Turner, L.W., Ballard, J.E., & Weiss, B.D.  “Evaluation of Web-based Osteoporosis Educational Materials.”  Poster presentation at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the North American Primary Care Research Society,” Quebec City, Quebec Canada, October 2005. 

Ballard, J.E., C. McFarland, L.S. Wallace, & D.B. Holiday, “Fall-prevention exercise in younger 65-72 yrs) and older (73-89 yrs) postmenopausal women compared to age matched controls.”  Poster presentation at the National Conference of the American College of Sports Medicine, Nashville, TN, June 2, 2005.

Ballard, J.E., & L.S. Wallace, "Effect of physical activity on bone, muscle, and fat masses in collegiate tennis players and non-athletic controls." Poster presentation at the National Conference of the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research, Seattle, WA, October 4, 2004

Ballard, J.E., L.S. Wallace, R. Roberts, & G. Roberson, “The effects of home safety information in a fall prevention program for 40 elderly women with low femoral bone density.” PowerPoint presentation at the National Conference of the American College of Sports                    Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, June 4, 2004