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Graduate Programs

Master of Science Degree in Health Sciences

The M.S.-health sciences degree program prepares graduates to be effective leaders in the fields of health promotion and disease prevention.

The graduate of the program will be prepared to: assess, plan, implement and evaluate individual and group needs for interventions aimed at promoting health and preventing disease; administer and/or coordinate specialized activities and programs aimed at promoting health and preventing disease; and communicate about health needs and concerns, and about resource availability for programs aimed at promoting health and preventing disease.

Graduates also are prepared to critique and conduct research related to health promotion and disease prevention; and serve as advocates for improvements in the fields of health promotion and disease prevention through effective education of individuals, groups and communities.

The curriculum consists of 18 hours of required core courses, 12 hours of electives, and six hours of thesis or internship. Elective courses are typically chosen from courses offered by the Department of Health and Kinesiology and must be approved by the student's academic adviser.

Students are strongly encouraged to engage in research with faculty, and to select the thesis option. Completing a thesis is especially desirable for a student who plans to pursue doctoral studies. A student considering the thesis option should discuss this with the academic adviser early in the degree program.


Required core courses (18 hours):

  • HECC 5303 Research Design
  • HECC 5317 Biometric Methods (Statistics)
  • ALHS 5303 Topics in Allied Health Sciences
  • ALHS 5305 Analysis of Needs, Processes and Outcomes
  • ALHS 5347 Epidemiology
  • ALHS 5365 Theories and Models of Health Behavior

Thesis or Internship (6 hours):

  • HECC 5395 Thesis I and HECC 5396 Thesis II


  • HECC 5397 and 5398 Internship

Elective courses (12 hours) – Following is a nonexhaustive list of potential elective courses.

  • ALHS 5320 The US Health System
  • ALHS 5322 Nutrition, Health and Disease
  • ALHS 5324 Drugs and Health
  • ALHS 5326 Sexual Health
  • ALHS 5333 Stress Management
  • ALHS 5350 Public Health Administration
  • HECC 5370 Ethics
  • HECC 5393 Contemporary Issues in Health & Kinesiology
  • KINE 5307 Motor Learning
  • KINE 5313 or 5315 Exercise Physiology I or II
  • KINE 5335 Biomechanics
  • PSYC 5390 Psychology of Aging
  • PSYC 5391 Social and Biological Gerontology
  • NURS 5345 The Older Adult: Dimensions of Care