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About the Lyceum

The term, lyceum, is often remembered as the location of Aristotle's school. As such, the Lyceum at UT Tyler serves as a opportunity for students to showcase their original research and work to the larger community. This annual event is held in the spring of each year and co-sponsored by the Honors Program and the Center for Excellence for Teaching and Learning.

Save the Date for the 3rd annual Research Lyceum on April 26th, 2018.  Research submissions will open at the start of the spring semester.

In 2017, the Lyceum was a huge success with over 54 student participants and 150 audience members in attendance.  Over 10 winners were announced at our awards ceremony:

Outstanding Graduate Student Posters

Conner Benson, “Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Diaphragm Muscle Precedes the Cachectic Phenotype in LLC Tumor-Bearing Mice,” Dr. Michael Wiggs, assistant professor of health and kinesiology.

Kevin Tokoph, “Evaluation of the Physical and Nutrient Properties of Human Breast Milk,” Dr. Jimi Francis, assistant professor of health and kinesiology.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Posters

Andrea Hernandez Irias, “Enzyme Folding Catalytic Activity of Enzyme Cargos in Virus like Particles Nanoreactors,” Dr. Dustin Patterson, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry.

Christy Hjorth, “Cloning and Expression of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Elastase in E. coli for Examining Inflammatory Response of Lung Tissue,” Patterson.

Joey Luiso, “Phylogeography of Symbiotic Fungi Grown by Sympatric Fungus Gardening Ant Species,” Dr. Jon Seal, assistant professor of biology.

Emily M.R. Marshall, “Functional Characterization STOX2A in Zebrafish,” Dr. Brent Bill, assistant professor of biology.

Divya Srinivasan, “Concurrent Vs. Terminal Feedback within VO2Max,” Dr. Scott Spier, associate professor of health and kinesiology.

Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation

Joanna Kathryn Gifford, “Experiencing Human, Bridge: Compassion,” James Pace, professor of art.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Presentations

Sydney Bertino, “Early Pavans for the Harp: A Harmonic and Historical Comparison,” Dr. Kyle Gullings, assistant professor of music.

Samuel Cook, “The Geography of Modern War: A Study of the Drone and International Politics,” Matthew Reisener, assistant director of forensics.


Student Divya presenting her reserach

Michaela Heys presenting her research

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