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Honors Bigs and Littles

Peer mentoring allows current Honors students to pass on enthusiasm and advice to their younger peers in the Honors Program. It also helps first-year Honors students experience a smoother transition to college life, the Honors Program and UT Tyler.  

Most importantly, the Honors Peer Mentoring Program contributes to the vertical integration of Honors students by allowing students from different classes to connect with one another.

As one current UT Tyler Honors student said: "The UT Tyler Honors Program's Bigs & Littles program gave me two amazing Littles. I don't know how I managed before they came along - they inspire me every day." - Sid Wilson, Junior.

In the Honors Program at UT Tyler, we call Peer Mentors "Bigs" and the mentees "Littles." Being an Honors "Big" is an opportunity to serve the Honors Program community, one that cultivates academics, networking, friendship and the life of the mind. Being an Honors "Big" is an excellent resume builder. The Honors "Bigs" and "Littles" Program provides students with the opportunity to enhance leadership and communication skills, as well as to increase awareness of others’ sensitivities.

In order to be a "Big" you must:

  • Have at least sophomore standing.
  • Be part of the Honors Program for more than a year.
  • Be prompt and open in your communication.

If you are currently an Honors student and are interested in becoming an Honors "Big," please contact Ms. Katie Hellmann, the coordinator of Honors, at khellmann@uttyler.edu.

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