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General Security Information

UT Tyler Office of Information Security

Data Ownership Training

Claiming Login Credentials

  • New users may claim their login credentials by going to Bus 101 and presenting a picture ID
  • New users who work remotely can contact the help desk by emailing itsupport@uttyler.edu to setup a session using FaceTime or Skype in order to verify their identity and retrieve their credentials.

Password reset self-service (Mypassword)

  • mypassword.uttyler.edu
    Gives users the ability to set up self-service reset questions which will allow the user to reset their own passwords for the following resources:
    • INFO domain (Windows office & classroom computers)
    • my.uttyler.edu
    • Exchange email
    • ImageNow
  • Users must answer four delivered questions and then provide two questions that they create themselves.
  • Gives Mac users the ability to reset their Windows passwords at any time.

Password reset policy

  • Password resets are no longer done via email and only over the phone when the identity of the person can be verified.
  • Password reset questions preset by the users in mypassword.uttyler.edu are used to perform password resets over the phone.

Locking Workstations

  • Users are encouraged to lock their workstations when they leave them unattended.
  • To lock a windows workstation:
    • CTRL + ALT + DELETE (simultaneously)
    • Lock computer
    • Okay
    • To unlock your computer, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE (simultaneously)
    • Enter login credentials



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