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ISA Information

UT Tyler Office of Information Security

The Information Security Office, in cooperation with the data owners, has identified Information Security Administrators (ISAs) for each server on the UT Tyler network.

Item 7 of the Action Plan

  • ISAs are responsible for security of the system or asset with the knowledge and training to receive and distribute time-critical computing and security-related information.
  • ISAs are responsible for the implementation of and compliance with all Information Technology policies and procedures and for reporting general computing and security incidents to the ISO.

Risk Assessments

  • Archer RSA
    • ISAs will use this tool to assist with assessing the security posture of their systems, and compliance with information security standards (both state and local). TAC 202 requires annual risk assessments on mission critical systems and those containing confidential/sensitive information.
  • ISAs are encouraged to attend the monthly TechNet meetings hosted by Michael Vick which are held on the last Friday of every month.
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