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LOK-IT Encrypted USB Flash Drives

UT Tyler Office of Information Security

Available for Faculty/Staff

LOK-IT User Guide

UT System purchased encrypted USB flash drives for use by UT Tyler faculty and staff who work with university-owned confidential/sensitive data.

The Information Security Office will issue these drives out to UT Tyler faculty and staff for as long as they are employed by UT Tyler and will be collected at the end of their employment.

Examples of confidential/sensitive information include:

  • FERPA Data
    • Student names along with Student ID (rosters).
    • Student Grades.
    • Student class schedules.
    • Faculty comments about a particular student.
    • Student health information.
  • Social Security Numbers

More about confidential/sensitive information

Policy Reference:

  • UT Tyler Acceptable Use Policy:
    All university-owned portable computing devices that contain confidential or protected health or student information must be encrypted.
  • Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 202:
    Storing confidential information on portable devices is discouraged. Confidential information must be encrypted if copied to, or stored on, a portable computing device, removable media or a non-agency owned computing device.
For more information about how to obtain an encrypted USB drive, email security@uttyler.edu
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