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How to Use Call Pilot - Digital Phone

Information Technology

  Important Call Pilot
Access Numbers

System Access: #5000
Mailbox: Your Extention
     Express Messaging: #5001

IT Support Contacts
On Campus Ext. #5555

Select from the following features:

Call Forward
Allows you to forward all incoming (both internal and external) calls to a second number. 
To Activate

1. Press forward image (indicator will flash)
lcd image
2. Dial number to which you wish to forward your calls  
3. Press forward image (indicator will be steady)lcd image

To Cancel

1. Press forward image (indicator next to Forward key will be off)

To Reinstate To Same Number
1. Press forward image twice (indicator will be steady)
lcd image

You can forward directly to Voice Mail by forwarding To 5000.
Outgoing calls are unaffected by forwarding.
Forwarding can be tested by calling yourself.
Your phone will not ring when call forward is active.


Call Transfer
Permits you to transfer a caller on your line to another extension. 
To Activate

1. Press forward image twice (indicator will be steady) lcd image
2. Press transfer image  
3. Dial Number To Which The Call Will Be Transferred  
4. Announce Caller In Privacy  
5. Press transfer image  


Call Conference
Call Conference allows more than two people to participate in a phone call.
To Activate

1. Call First Party  
2. Press conference imageKey  
3. Dial Next Number  
4. Announce Caller In Privacy  
5. Press conference imageKey All Parties Are Connected
6. Repeat Steps 2 Through 5 To Add Additional Parties  
7. Hang Up When Conference Is Completed  

Any one party can hang up at any time without disconnecting the others.
Up to six people (including yourself) can participate in a conference.
Conference calls can contain both internal and external calls.


Permits you to place one caller on hold, while calling another party.
To Activate

1. Press hold imageKey

(indicator next to extension will flash slowly)
lcd image

To Return to Call

1. Press Key Of Extension On Hold

(indicator arrow will change from flashing to steady)
lcd image

Auto Dial
Permits you to store one favorite number for easy one key dialing.
To Store A Number

1. Pressautodial image
2. Dial Number To Be Stored
3. Press autodial image

To Use

1. Select An Available Extension
2. Press autodial image

Last Number Redial
Permits automatic dialing of the last number dialed up to 16 digits. 
To Activate

1. Select An Available Extension
2. Press The Same Extension Key Again

Transfer a Call Directly to Voice Mail
Allows you to easily put a caller into a voice mailbox without ringing the extension.
To Activate

1. Press transfer image
2. Dial the Express Messaging number - 5001
3. Enter the voice mailbox number followed by the # sign.
4. Quickly press transfer image

Transfer an Incoming call Directly to Voice Mail
Allows you to transfer your incoming call directly to your voice mailbox.
When the line rings:

1. When the line begins to ring, press the second line button.
2. Press the release image button.