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Using Name Connector

Information Technology

  Important Call Pilot
Access Numbers

System Access: #5000
Mailbox: Your Extention
     Express Messaging: #5001

IT Support Contacts
On Campus Ext. #5555

How does the NameConnector benefit UT Tyler?
It makes it easier for our external and internal customers to do business with us by streamlining access to people and services. Current students and future students will be able to reach both departments and faculty easily. It is particularly helpful during emergencies when you may not have access to someone's number.

Will callers to the UT Tyler main phone number still be able to reach an operator?
Yes, the caller will be prompted to say the word "Operator" if they wish to be connected to our answering service.

How do I access the NameConnector?
From within the UT Tyler campus (including Palestine and Longview), you may dial "0" or you can still dial 5004 for the service. If you are calling from off campus, you may call 903.566.7000.

Can I use the NameConnector to call anyone?
No, you can only call the people and departments that have had their names and numbers added to the NameConnector directory.

Can I use the NameConnector from anywhere?
Yes, it can be used both inside and outside the UT Tyler campus, and at any time of day. Simply call 903.566.7000 from off campus, or "0" extension 5004 if on campus.


Tips for Using Name Connector

  1. Accessing Name Connector: If you are using NameConnector from within the UT Tyler campus (including Palestine and Longview), you may dial "0" or you can still dial 5004 for the service. There is no need to dial the outside numbers. If you are off campus, you can dial 903 566-7000 or 903 566-7200.
  2. Speak naturally: It is not necessary to insert pauses between words.
  3. Speak directly into the phone: Try not to speak with the telephone under your chin.
  4. Be aware of background noise: Background noise may affect response time and recognition accuracy. In situations with heavy background noise (like cellular phones or speaker phones) you may have to speak louder or get closer to the phone.
  5. Press "*": To cancel and say the name you want again if the NameConnector recognizes the name incorrectly.
  6. Try using a person's formal name: (Robert Smith, rather than Bob Smith) if the person you are calling has a nickname. The NameConnector may not have a nickname registered. Email Roy Greer to add a nickname to the NameConnector.
  7. If you check your voice mail from off campus by dialing 566-7000 or 566-7200, you may now connect to it by saying the words "Voice Mail."
  8. Questions or Problems when using NameConnector?: Just say "problem report line" to be transferred to the NameConnector problem voice mail box.

How do I correct mistakes I might find in the directory?

If you encounter any problems with the NameConnector, please report the problem to Roy Greer or use the "problem report line" feature of NameConnector. There are a number of possibilities that may account for being unable to reach someone through the NameConnector, including the following:

  • The name may not be in the directory. We have tried to include all employees and the various departments and areas of UT Tyler, but it is quite possible that we have omitted some entries.
  • The name may be in the directory, but under a different form. For instance some people may go by their middle name. Perhaps you are using the first name. Note however that a single person can have multiple nicknames or aliases associated with the same number. For example: William Doe, Ph.D. might be reached by all the following: Mr. Doe, William Doe, Bill Doe or Dr. Doe.
  • The name may be mispronounced in the directory. When directory entries are created, the correct pronunciation has to be input. If the name is mispronounced in the directory, it may be difficult to get a "voice match" when you say the name.
  • You may be mispronouncing the name. Again, this would make it difficult to obtain a "voice match." Try alternative pronunciations.
  • There may be background noises causing interference. The NameConnector attempts to interpret what it "hears." If it hears background noises, it will try to use this extraneous noise when attempting to determine the name.

REMEMBER: If you have any problems using NameConnector or if you need to report errors, contact Roy Greer or use the "problem report line" feature.

What is the procedure to add names/numbers to the directory?

Normally, the Telecommunications group is aware of all new employees and changes in extension numbers. However, in the event that there is an employee who is not listed or a department that should be included, please email Roy Greer with the pertinent information or use the "problem report line" feature.